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One Month!? Sorry everyone we've been silent for a little to long - But we do have some good news, we got a new mapper and I'm making content for an update on Saturday (Sunday/Monday on Moddb) Which will also be the first update on!

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Hey everybody, Guess I got some 'splaynin' to do.

Well, From what I can tell everybodys rather busy - which has hindered progress for quite some time fortunatly we've got a mapper :D and he's good at it to!

check his profile out:

A map is in the works currently and I also hope to be making a few more things in UDK myself - We do have a mapper now (Yahoo!) but only one and although Tigers is very skilled and exerianced in UDK it does mean that it will take a while for 'map' updates to come throught as he is also rather busy and there is only one of him.

No dead lines are set but expect a (awesome) map from him in later updates, OH and the next update will be on (in the blog section)

you're probably wondering why I didn't put THIS on TCDev... well I didn't feel this one 'grand' as such enough to be our first update posted on the main site, well.. keep you're eye's peeled on TCDev for the latest update which I will post this coming Sunday.

(To settle any confusion, I will 'post' the update on Saturday on and on the same day on however the update will only of passed Athentification on Saturday or Monday so it will be posted on the same day but will show up first on

wait,wait, wait!

What the hell was I on?

This is how the updates go:

Posted on TCDev/Moddb on Saturday, Appears on on Saturday (minutes after uploaded) and is authenticated and shows up on Moddb on Either Sunday or Monday.

Sorry, Always doing these updates at a late time... messes with ya head.

oh and that update of mine WILL be happening on Saturday, no late times check in at TCDev's blog section at about mid-day it'll be there! (started work on the map and its going well so far.)


Cool news :)

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