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This will be the units of the faction: Lacedemonia (Sparta)

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1. Ilotés ionchóphoroi (Helot spearmens)

2. Ilotés Xiphomácous (Helot swordsmens)

3.Ilotés Sphendonetai (Helot slingers)

4. Ilotés Akontistai (Helot javelinmens)

5. Misthophoroi Peltastai (Mercenary Peltasts)

6. Misthophoroi Pelopónnisos Hoplitai (Mercenary Pelopponesian Hoplites)

7. Misthophoroi Prodromoi (Mercenary Light Cavalry)

8. Perioikoi Psiloi (Perioikoi: People ruled by Sparta) (Poor perioikoi skirmishers)

9. Perioikoi Xiphomácous (Perioikoi Sowrdsmens)

10. Perioikoi Light Hoplitai (Perioikoi hoplite with linothorax)

11. Perioikoi Hoplitai (Perioikoi Hoplite)

12. Perioikoi prodromoi (Perioikoi Cavalry)

13. Skiritai Xiphomácous (Skiritai: Lacedemonian Village, that have very good warriors. They fight in the left side of the spartiates) (Skiritai Sowrdsmen)

14. Skiritai Hoplitai (Skiritai Hoplites)

15. Ekdromoi Skiritai (Skiritai Out-runners)

16. Néos Homoioi (Homoioi: Spartiates, the best warriors of Ancient World) (Young Spartiates)

17. Homoioi Hoplitai (Spartiates Hoplites)

18. Epilektoi Homoioi Hoplitai (Elite Spartiates Hoplites)

19. Ekdromoi Homoioi Hoplites (Unaromored Spartiates Hoplites)

20. Misthophoroi Gymnitai (Mercenary Very Light Infantry)

21. Misthophoroi Toxotai (Mercenary Archers)

22. Misthophoroi Machimoi (Mercenary Native-Egyptian Warriors)

23. Homoioi Hippeis Xystophoroi (Heavy Spartan Cavalry)

24. Somatophylakes Homoioi (Spartan Guard)

25. Perioikoi Peltastai (Perioikoi Peltasts)

26. Agema Homoioi (Special Spartiates)

27. . Misthophoroi Pantodapoi (Mercenary Hellenic Supporters)

28. Perioikoi Thorikitai (Perioikoi "Cuirassers" infantry)

29. Perioikoi Thureophoroi (Perioikoi Infantry with oval Shield)

30. Homoioi Thorikitai (Spartiates Cuirassers)

31. Homoioi Thureoporoi (Spartiates with Oval Shield)

32. Perioikoi Phalangitai (Perioikoi Phalangites, Makedonian phalanx)

33. Homoioi Phalangitai (Cleomenes Reforms, Spartiates in makedonian phalanxes)

34. Promakói Homoioi Epilektoi (Promachus Elite Spartiates)

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