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Preview of new Adventure UI, Menu Fixes, Gameplay Fixes, Card Revisions, Card Fixes, Development Report

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Work in Progress UI for new Labyrinth AdventuresWork in Progress UI for new Labyrinth Adventures

*Note: The image above is a work in progress and is an earlier concept for the new Adventure mode in Labyrinth. There is placeholder art and some of what you see has already changed and we have plans to modify other aspects of it. However, it should give you a taste of what's in store in the near future. Can you guess what new features are being added and how Labyrinth will be played?

This patch is a small update to fix a critical bug and make some tweaks to cards.

Menu Fixes

  • Defense Tutorial was locked for certain players

Gameplay Fixes

  • Amp spending was being triggered early by certain abilities

Gameplay Revisions

  • Manessa and Adolphus AI set to long range not full kiting

Card Revisions

  • Anox's Blessing is now 2 Ticks, Give friendly character +2 Attack on their next attack OR 3 Devotion kicker this has Duration 4 instead
  • Essence Extractor is now an Offhand, Equip 2 Ticks, Durability 3, Gain an Amp and lose 2 Health on use for 1 Tick OR When you kill an enemy gain an Amp and this loses 1 Durability
  • Chain Reactor is now an Offhand, Amp: Equip and gain an Amp 3 Ticks, Durability 4, Gain an Amp on use for 1 Tick OR When you spend an Amp gain an Amp next turn and this loses 1 Durability
  • Pounce is now a Spell card, but the damage still counts as an attack like Blitz kicker
  • Magma Surge is still a Spell card, but the damage now triggers as an attack like Blitz kicker and Pounce
  • Bellowed Challenge is now 1 Tick cost, Duration 3
  • Awakened Might is now 3 stars, at half-health enemy characters damaged by attacks can't move on their next turn

Card Fixes

  • Revised text on Pickpocket to link to Orb drops placed by it
  • Word of Pain with Relic of Ynoth was not showing targeting highlights prior to casting
  • Breath of Insight wasn't drawing 2 cards with 6 cards in hand


The Art Team sculpted broken edges on, created ao maps for, and added colors to the Star spire Ruins; worked on normal maps for the Adventure map; and added more card art.

The Audio Team added results sounds.

The Design Team refactored definitions; added Adventure scenario dialogs, map content and encounter content; implemented tutorial story conversations and integrated the tutorial into the map; implemented status panel; designed rewards flow; ​worked on Gate district scripts: Wrecked house, night market; Starstone spec and visuals; and conducted marketing research.

The Engineering Team added map and dungeon shapes; implemented Adventure "chess pieces" along with movement; added HP display on map, lock/key, and linked art map to graph nodes; ​worked on the Encounter Dialogs system; added random PvE encounters and rooms; added Fold modes into map; implemented handing out receipts from rooms;​ implemented rewards; implemented Store 2.0 and store deals; replaced Photon servers with own; and for mobile: created targeting HUD; fixed actions on mouse up so there are no double clicks/taps; fixed inspect camera; and finished Map select controls.

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