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Gameplay Fixes, Card Revisions, Card Fixes, New Feature, Development

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Gameplay Fixes

  • First Tick of Channels was prematurely using stats from next Tick in certain cases
  • Unit card inspect was not including stat changes from Perks and card effects

Card Revisions

  • Anox's Blessing targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Eerie Blessing targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Judgement of Urix kicker heals friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Favor of the War God targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Intervention targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Fire of Life targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Rejuvenate targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Light of Ahnsai heals allies not just other Heroes
  • Hone has been renamed Concentration
  • Aim from Within is 2 Ticks
  • Essence Extractor is 5 stars
  • Reprisal is a Spell instead of Enhancement
  • Spiked Vambrace is 2 stars
  • Commune with Ancients is 2 Ticks
  • Centurion's Helm grants +1 Armor instead of +1 Attack
  • Glacial Shield targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Relocate targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Flashfreeze targets friendly characters not just Heroes
  • Everfrost Fragment restricts targeting to allies not other Heroes
  • Pyromantic Trance is 2 Ticks
  • Quicksilver Bauble targets allies not just Heroes
  • Removed range limit from Elemental Infusion
  • Staff of Destruction is no longer a Windup
  • Awakened Might is 5 stars
  • Monstrously Huge is 6 stars, 20 Health
  • Steel Sentries are 2 Attack, 2 Health, 1 Armor, Speed 2, size 1 and Lair card summons 2 of them
  • Summon Security is no longer a Windup
  • Minelaying is no longer a Windup, but Dynomine has Speed 2
  • Place the Magnetron is no longer a Windup
  • Cannoneer has 8 Health
  • Siegebot has 6 Attack
  • Summon Bushwacker is 4 Ticks no Windup and Bushwacker is now 5 Attack, 6 Health, 1 Armor
  • Double Dynomine is 2 stars, but increases cost of Minelaying by 1
  • Assemble Sentry is 4 Ticks no Windup and Brass Sentry is now 5 Attack, 5 Health, 1 Armor, Range 7
  • Berserker is 4 stars

Card Fixes

  • Passive attacks like Queen of the Northern Wastes ability and Voidmine explosions were not being caught by attack-triggered abilities and buffs
  • Restless Wraithound was not reducing non-attack damage from adjacent enemies
  • Shape from Stone was not discounting cost for Spare Parts
  • Quicksilver Arrow with 10 Focus and Tremor with Earthquake were not showing the correct costs on the card

New Feature

  • Developer Badges. You will see a "D" next to the names of developers when you raid their bosses.


The team is focused on getting the new Adventure mode working. Perhaps by the end of the week we can start our first internal tests. Most of the tasks below relate directly or indirectly to the next major release which will include Adventure mode.

The art team worked on the Starspire Ruins level, including creating concept art, modeling the buildings, creating lowpoly background pieces, adding UVs, arting the play area, and making mechanical parts for the level; worked on animations for the Duelist; rigged the Spirit Beast; made more card art; worked on forest lair environment; created priestess skin; sculpted annox; and created map pieces and icons for Adventure mode.

The design team worked on game economy and scenario design; started a test run of a ​Game Print model; ​ran experiments to create a Boss Deck analyzer; ​redesigned Store; designed ​a new deck builder scheme; created Blademaster Tutorial; and for Adventure Mode: designed map layout, UI, potions, loot drops, ​designed Victory/Defeat transitions, implemented non-combat encounters, added placeholder PvE Encounters, and worked on boss encounter design.

The engineering team removed code for old Ranked mode; adding asset bundles support; created special deal system for Store; and for Adventure mode: reorganized code for Decks around stars; worked on unexplored rooms; improved raid shell flow; refactored deck data; added Deck star limit overrides for development; worked on UI raid transition and maps; completed boss encounters; worked on adjacent room display; ​added a map interface; coded Bosses in rooms; ​ enabled moving/showing pieces; did a first pass on code for boss placement; completed matchmaking algorithms; cleaned up mouse input; refactored card controller; added level data; ​polished up Intro/Outro animated sequences; and ​worked on hero/boss status. Then for mobile, worked on cam/controls: single tap, single pan, new orbit and zoom, inspect, target select, as well as weapon/guard. ​

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