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A patch for: Gameplay Revisions, Card Revisions, Card Fixes, Bug Fixes

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Gameplay Revisions

  • Tenacity now (once again) only prevents the movement debuff of Provoke

Card Revisions

  • Marrik now has only 1 Armor, but his passive ability is "While Marrik has Provoke, he has +1 Armor and Tenacity."
  • Battle Stance is now 1 Tick, Duration 3
  • Throw the Gauntlet now has a 5 Fury kicker to gain Provoke until next turn
  • Renna's passive is now "When Renna plays a Fire card, she gains Counterstrike 2 until her next turn."
  • Shozen's passive is now "When Shozen equips a Hero with Equipment, he draws a card."
  • Focus the Sun is now Windup 3, deal half-Focus damage, rounded up
  • Staff of Destruction is now Durability 2, deal Focus damage, no Focus 15 kicker
  • Stormbringer now has Random targeting within Range 4
  • The Clockwork Beast now has 40 Health
  • Queen of the Northern Wastes' passive ability now has Blast 2 range and counts as an attack
  • Riftspawning now costs 3 stars
  • Urath now has attack speed 5
  • Lifespeakers now have attack speed 4
  • Sworn Swords now give Boss +1 attack during life not as Last Words

Card Fixes

  • Sarkhet's hero card did not make clear that his ability only triggers upon killing enemy characters, not Structures
  • Word of Pain with Relic of Ynoth did not have a highlight preview during Windup
  • Renna's short display name was incorrectly linked to Lavella's
  • Elemental Infusion could not be played on self with full hand
  • Queen of the Northern Wastes' passive ability did not trigger for certain card types
  • Farstriker Totems were not increasing Blast radius
  • Shrine to Gilgarra was activating before start of battle
  • Warpriest's Inscription was giving double the Fury gain intended

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed direction on scroll bar for buffs/debuffs under cards when inspected
  • Fixed matchmaking server delisting players' bosses when they equip a hero less than level 5
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