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Getting ready for the upcoming update. Plus working on new features for the update after that.

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Over the past two weeks, we made the following progress:

The Engineering team fixed reward receipts; created matchmaking for Explore mode; added nobody home fallbacks; worked on controls for mobile version; brought aspects of mobile build back up to date; matchmaking; continued to refactor the UI shell; created Explore mode UI shell; and started implementing Quest 2.0 features.

The Art team worked on animations for Duelist; fixed Sazama animation, skinned the Collector; created ad art; worked on card art; layed out Explore mode map; and started art for Spirit Beast forest level.

The Audio team reworking audio for Siegebreaker level and battle mode screen.

The Design team updated analytics to account for the new boss, Siegebreaker; worked on the second draft of Korghan tutorial and 2 encounters for Lavella; worked on content for tutorials; and added the Wastelander cards and passive ability.

Upcoming Update

  • New Hero - a Wizardry equipment master
  • Manessa Nerf
  • Changes to leveling and a reset to matchmaking, so new bosses get raided sooner
  • More card art
  • Bug fixes
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