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Patch for critical and other card bugs. Also we started a Facebook ad test. Did you see one yet?

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Gameplay Revisions

  • Using Equipment (Weapon or Offhand) no longer counts as card play, but equipping them still does
  • AI with extra movement will not make multiple moves, but act after first move

Card Fixes

  • Text on Firebolt was missing Focus kicker
  • Disintegrate with Focus kicker was destroying all enemies (even the boss!)
  • Aspect of Ix permanent damage was not stacking properly
  • Persistence engine was triggered by playing multiple attacks on same turn rather than only when hitting multiple targets with same attack

Card Revisions

  • Ace of Warriors now technically triggers on Attack cards *or* Weapons (which are no longer counted as cards), but is practically unchanged
  • Replicate is now a 4 Tick Windup, but copies the Minion with highest Health
  • Essence Shock now gives a 1 Tick discount to the next Attack card played per Minion that has died since the last Attack card played
  • Venomfang Queen and Urath, Death's Harvester now have range 2 to prevent using Heroes using small Minions as blockers

Backer Rewards

  • If you had or are having problems, please re-enter your code that starts with "BK:" and that should automatically correct things. If not let us know.
  • Unless it is for card packs--those have expired. Ask us for new ones.
  • Other rewards coming later once they are ready.

Facebook Ads

We started a small ad test campaign on Facebook to get our feet wet with promoting Labyrinth. Please share and let us know if you have any feedback on the ads. Here is one of them:

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