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Bug fixes, things we forgot to mention in the last report, and other odds and ends.

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Words of Praise

(And before we get ahead of ourselves, scroll down to read about Backer Rewards!) We are hard on ourselves and sometimes players are hard on us too. It's nice to hear positive words after a major update. Below is a selection from a few players. Thank you all for the criticism and the praise. Both motivate us to make Labyrinth better.

  • "you really improved the balancing, it feels WAY better now and I can take a lot of these points back and I'm motivated to play again." -traumspieler
  • "the joy that I'm experiencing in playing Labyrinth after the most recent update has increased SIGNIFICANTLY!" - HallowHawkshaw
  • "I've been trying it for a few days now and it got more balanced, it's true. I lose in defense, which I don't mind because at least I wasn't there using my time to lose those battles XD. You nerfed some of the best hero cards, but that's ok, they were overpowered, especially the warrior ones. I hope you keep up with the good job, this game is awesome in many aspects, especially art and mechanics." -gaballufix

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes for several bugs causing disconnects
  • Unreadable text on Lifespark Last Words buff
  • Highlight preview on Cloud of Steel
  • Bag of Endless Things no longer spending Amps
  • Rebirth with Devotion spend healing to max target Health now instead of caster max Health
  • Mine Securitrons now receive bonuses from Weapons Expert and Upgraded Chassis
  • Provoked debuff no longer removing movement from targets with Tenacity
  • Eternal Renewal no longer triggering on Pull Through the Veil
  • Gilgarra's Mantle now triggering even if target of Attack card dies
  • Vengeant Strike damage now matches card text
  • Shockwave with Violent Impact Perk no longer ignoring targets with Tenacity for damage
  • Lifespark and Deathspark suicide abilities now working until dead instead of just on first Tick, added text to Deathspark regarding this
  • Doomsday Machine now summons with same Health that Great Experiment had before summoning


  • Rousing Strength now costs 2 Ticks
  • Armorcraft Armor buff now lasts 5 Ticks, only stacks Duration
  • Visuals on Stomp and Titan's now more appropriate to names
  • Removed range text from Pounce to prevent confusion as to targeting of attack

Forgot to Mention

Last update's report was exceedingly long because of all the changes and several important items fell through the cracks. Here are the things we forgot to mention:

Return of Stardust

We removed 48 cards from the set. Although there isn't any pop-up screen in the game telling you which cards were removed from your collection, we granted you the Stardust disenchant value for each card removed from your collection, so you can rebuild your collection. This Stardust is temporary for use during Early Access and will not be part of a refund when we reset accounts when Labyrinth exits Early Access.

This award of Stardust is not related to the previous miscalculation during the April 13 Hero/Boss Store Update, which has already been accounted for as described in a previous report.

Gold Cap

Earning gold is now capped at 70 wins per week, resetting Sunday midnight UTC. This affects approximately 2% of players.

Card Draw

Cards are now drawn and placed in your hand on odd ticks unless a card modifies that.

Easier Bosses

This last updated indeed nerfed the bosses, however many people have not yet reset their boss decks and are running decks that had cards which we removed, so they are incredibly weak. Update your boss decks for more of a chance to win.

Some top players already have very strong Bosses, so it is possible to find new combos that are hard to beat.

Request for Feedback

What do you think about the game balance now? Please tell us in Discord and the Steam Discussion forum. We think we may have gone overboard on making it easy, but are interested in hearing your opinions. Please let us know now and in a week or two once people figure out the new card set.

Partial Victories for Bosses

In addition to 5 Stardust per hero plus 5 more for killing all 3, Bosses will also generate 5 Stardust from players who retreat right away. Players who give up and retreat later in the encounter will count as the Boss killing all 3.

Reminder about Getting Raided

If you haven't played for awhile and just recently returned to the game and played a lot, but your boss hasn't been raided, you may have been raided a lot while you were away and amassed negative raid credits. You will need to raid a lot to burn those off and then you will start seeing raids again.

Also raids on your Boss won't be instant, in some cases they come bunched up a couple days after you play a lot.

Backer Rewards

An email with your key was sent to you. If you didn't receive it please check your spam and promotions folder. If you find it there, please mark it as not spam to help future rewards get through.

This set of backer rewards only includes backer badges, offense and defense loot bonuses, and 5 card packs per week (non-giftable variety) rewards. Each key will unlock the appropriate rewards for your tier. Other rewards will be distributed in the future.

Discipline Specific Card Packs for Completing the Introductory TutorialDiscipline Specific Card Packs for Completing the Introductory Tutorial

Known Issues

  • There is a rare crash bug. We have seen it 4 times in total. If you experience a crash, please send us your output log file. How to find the output log file:


We've mainly been working on this patch for the last week, but the following progress was made on the main line.

  • The engineering team improved replay UI and worked on unit stats.
  • The art team roughed in Blaster level art, textured the shadow boss, and created concept art for Ardelon level.

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