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Between healing and a shot in the dark, we are attempting to fix some connection bugs that emerged once there were lots of players playing lots of encounters. Also card fixes.

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Card Fixes

  • Revised Quicksilver Bauble to not target self and revised range to 4
  • Fixed Warcaller's Chant breaking on Warfare Hero first in tick by switching timing to end of turn
  • Revised equation to show correct damage blocked for Null Barrier
  • Revised Angel of Death unlock to only give one Opaline Ossuary
  • Revised Evasive Maneuvers, Steely Resolve to not block destruction
  • Set Strangle/Extinguish to destruction
  • Fixed Earthquake Tremor
  • Fixed range on Pound
  • Fixed Armor on Kylee
  • Fixed Beseech the Sun God heal not canceling on Assault
  • Revised targeting on Swipe to allow retargeting if initial target moves out of range
  • Added filters to Perks triggered by card types to prevent triggers on Channel sub-actions or serial actions in cards with multiple actions
  • Added flag to Elemental Mastery results to prevent counting as individual card plays
  • Revised card discount filter equation to allow actions that equip Offhands to be discounted
  • Revised Kylee and Renna default weapons to range 7

Other Fixes

Between healing and a shot in the dark, we are attempting to fix some bugs that emerged once there were lots of players playing lots of encounters. It's hard for our small team to verify that are fixes work, so please let us know if you are still experiencing these problems after this patch.

  • Fix for black screen/blank dialog
  • Fix for "loop" bug where players would be stuck playing same opponent over and over
  • Fix for disconnect at end of encounters
  • Fix for encounters getting reset to Tick 1 after a disconnect
  • Revised conditional discard actions for Bosses to give same priority to discard unplayable cards as playable cards
  • Fixed bug with inventory not getting added
  • Fix for friend list not finishing loading when you have 0 friends

Future Hero/Boss Price Change

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the new heroes or bosses. We appreciate your supporting Labyrinth development while it is in Early Access.

In order to run Labyrinth as a free to play game that can sustain its operating costs and better cover the cost of development for a given hero or boss and their associated level-up cards, we will be increasing the price of the non-basic heroes and bosses in the patch after this one. We want to give players advanced warning so that they can buy any hero or boss at the lower price right now if they should so desire. Heroes and Bosses will still be purchasable with Gold.

Stardust Miscalculation

There was a bug in the calculation for Stardust that was refunded after the account reset in the last update. We said that we will be fixing affected players last week, but have not had the time to complete the calculation. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Backer Rewards

Codes for some of the Backer rewards, those mentioned two weeks ago, have not yet been distributed either due to time constraints working on other aspects of Labyrinth. It is in the works. Sorry for the inconvenience with this too.


In addition to getting this patch out, the team did the following work to advance Labyrinth:

  • The art team worked on the 8th Boss, the Celestial Giant​; a skin for the Blade Master; and art for the Doom Clock.
  • The design team worked on balance for the next update​; as well as ​new cards.
  • The engineering team worked on inventory migration; a change to the matchmaking algorithm to match by Stars; AWS/FTP runner bug; Android build; and store UI for skins.
  • Haven't heard from the audio team this week.

Belvis winning with 1 health left

Belvis winning with 1 health left

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