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This patch mainly addresses bugs and other issues with cards. It should also fix disconnect problems we have seen with Giant Queen. We are still gathering data on the meta game and will address balance issues in a following patch.

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Text on Invoke Ruin kicker

Trigger on Thirsting Axe Durability spend v multiple attackers in same turn

Harder They Fall damage result vs Boss

Moordiar, the Sorcerer and Sarkhet, Death's Envoy name missing on certain UI elements

Added redundant Tenacity check to Draw In targeting to prevent sequential pull of Heroes within Dauntless Vigil

Revised Exploit Weakness debuff evaluation to prevent calculation errors

Revised base Hero draw 2 to start of first tick instead of unit turn first tick to prevent lost draws from Temporal Anomaly and allow looking at all three Hero decks

Fixed text on Channel the Storm range

Fixed required stats on Death Grasp to match range

Fixed Molten Veins decreasing cost of Fire Channels

Fixed Blade of the Immortal spending on Counterstrike

Fixed Judgement of Urix kicker to process damage instantly to trigger Sarkhet's ability

Fixed restrictions on Dauntless Vigil preventing Sarkhet from adding to deck

Revised next attack buffs to filter out use on entire Channel so as to use/expire on first attack in Channel instead

Fixed Surefoot not ignoring Difficult Terrain

Revised Tranquil Bloom and Quicksilver arrow to refresh your move only

Fixed Beseech the Sun God healing after Assault

Fixed Time to Feed healing total damage done for each hit instead of just damage for that hit

Revised targets of kill triggers on Angel of Death ability, Ghostbite, Tinker's Warplock, Cycle of War to prevent missed triggers

Fixed summon triggers for Eerie Marauder, Dawn of Zha, Cave Spider to make sure they happen on tick and not boss turn

Added Tenacity filters to Venomfang Queen Tick add, Chilling Growl move debuff, Blizzard Golem move debuff, Shockwave and Crushing Blow Knockback, Howl from Within Tick add

Added redundant Tenacity check to Awakened Might targeting

Removed Tenacity filter from Word of Command targeting

Added Structure check to targeting on Subdue, Word of Command, Force Push, Howl from Within

Fixed Tremor damage result

Fixed Pounce movement result

Fixed tooltip on Doomsday Machine using Great Experiment structure for stats

Removed Strength of the Undying unnecessary filter preventing play by Boss

Minion Ai revisions to prevent moving out of revised range for Aspect of Zha and Cannoneer


Allowed Entreat the Goddess and Primitive Idol to be used on full Health targets for Devotion gain and Offhand turn passing, respectively

Increased Star Cost on Splinter of Nilath (3), Boots of speed (2) for Heroes

Increased Star Cost on Howl from Within (4), Heart of Primeval (6), Aether Tap (3), Force Blast (3), Chill of Ice (4), Geist-Charged Arsenal (4), Inertial Inhibitor (3), Warlord's Might (3), Horn of Uldenum (5), Strength in Numbers (4) for Bosses

Revised Giant Queen Armor to 1 and Health to 55

Nerfed Mech Scorpion to 35 Health for consistency with Mechanical trait Health v Armor balance

Switched odd/even for Mech Scorpion ability to prevent even Tick attack deck exploit

Tagged Magnetron, Dynomine, Arc Node, Flamewall Pylons, Voidmine damage as attacks and give visible attack power

Revised half health triggers and text to less than or equal on Bloodborn Bracers, Oath of the Deathless, Go For The Throat, Awakened Fury, Awakened Might, Awakened Force

Future Hero/Boss Price Change

Thank you to everyone who purchased one of the new heroes or bosses. We appreciate your supporting Labyrinth development while it is in Early Access.

In order to run Labyrinth as a free to play game that can sustain its operating costs and better cover the cost of development for a given hero or boss and their associated level-up cards, we will be increasing the price of the non-basic heroes and bosses in the patch after this one. We want to give players advanced warning so that they can buy any hero or boss at the lower price right now if they should so desire. Heroes and Bosses will still be purchasable with Gold.

Stardust Miscalculation

There was a bug in the calculation for Stardust that was refunded after the account reset in the last update. We will be fixing affected players later this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Rolling Updates

We increased the number of server instances for Labyrinth and will now being releasing rolling updates each time we update the game. This means that anyone who logs in after we release a patch will be presented with the new version, and those who are currently in a raid when we update will be presented with a screen after they finish that will tell them to restart the client to get the new version. This should minimize interruption and downtime for players.

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