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The next major update is coming soon, in a week or more. Accounts will be reset then. Non-basic heroes and bosses will be added to the store. 2 new heroes and 1 new boss will be added.

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Upcoming Major Update

The next major update is coming soon, in a week or more. Accounts will be reset then. Similar to how we have reset accounts in the past: All card packs purchased with gold will be returned as gold and those purchased with Tokens will be returned as Tokens. Any card packs purchased with real money will be returned as Tokens. Gold on balance will remain and earned Stardust will be returned as well. Stardust from disenchanting will not be returned. This is the method we used last time with the addition of Tokens and real money.

You will be able to play the 4 basic heroes once you complete the introductory Offense tutorial and the 4 basic bosses once you complete the Defense tutorial. All other heroes and bosses will be available for purchase in the store for Gold or cash. Any non-basic heroes or bosses that you are able to play right now will be unlocked for you after the reset, as a thank you for playing the game early and providing valuable feedback and data to help develop Labyrinth.

The 4 basic heroes are one from each discipline: Korghan (Warfare), Lavella (Faith), Renna (Wizardry), and Rohin (Skulduggery). The 4 basic bosses cover combinations of 5 of the 8 traits: Radaghar (Spirit/Warlord), Oros (Elemental/Warlord), Roggix (Elemental/Beast), and the Giant Queen (Spirit/Giant).

We are adding 4 heroes and 3 bosses to the store. The heroes for purchase in the store will be: Marrik (Warfare), Sarkhet (Faith), Moordiar (Wizardry), and Kylee (Skulduggery). The bosses for purchase are: Maessna (Celestial/Caster), Adolphus (Mechanical/Caster), Mechscorpion (Mechanical/Beast). At least 1 more boss will be added before exiting Early Access.

So this upcoming update will have 2 new heroes and 1 new boss. Their images are shown below.


The engineering team has been optimizing the game for improved performance and preparation to port to mobile. In the last two weeks, they fixed issues caused by optimizations; refactored ​the timeline clock; worked on a data migration system to minimize future wipes; refactored ​targeting arrow; set up build settings for multiple scenes; refactored ​UI shell; fixed store and quest bugs; placed maps on table; refactored map display; set up controller; worked on remote to Unity interface; established ranked seasons; and optimized load times.

The art team optimized lairs; worked on idle animations; updated UI mesh; reworked lightmapping on lairs; and worked on the shield generator.

The design team redesigned cards; ​revised cards for balance; and ​revised the tutorial slightly.

The audio team added minion sounds.

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