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Development update and request that you vote for Labyrinth. :D

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Please vote for Labyrinth and make it the Indie of the Year!

*If you voted once already, please vote again. This is the second stage of the competition and you must vote a second time for your vote to count.


The Art Team did an art pass on tutorials, camera, fx, and game pieces; completed the Forest level; worked on North Gate map; sculpted, created low poly model and rigged Faydin; created a boss piece; worked on North Gate map; created Celestial Giant camp screen idle animation; worked on textures for adventure map; created Thieves Guild tileset; working on rift concepts; set up locations and light; and worked on map mesh art.

The Audio Team set up ambient sound links and added Tutorial 1 to 3, scenario, and adventure map ambience; improved audio setup for story encounters; added UI sounds and fixed doubled up UI sounds.

The Design Team cleaned up adventure map and camp UI; adjusted map UI for camps and waypoints, then improved gate/waypoint flow; added warfare Faydin to tutorials; edited Blade Master tutorial; worked on Lavella Tutorial maps 1-3; balanced tutorials; ported queries from Appuri to Snowflake; edited Gate District content; wrote Northgate PvE 5 scenario; created scenarios and laid out map for Smithstone and added tip UI; fixed names and portrait; wrote script for zone 2; and cleaned up deck collect view.

The Engineering Team added dynamic content loading and wishlists to Store, plus updated store analytics; made 3D map functional and iterated on 3D map elements; improved map editor and waypoints; worked on raid notice rewards; fixed health meters; enabled replays from camp; worked on Adventure decks; added gate cinematics; fixed timeline tags, resetting losing battles, and resetting level feature, self-practice, button banners, maps; fixed replay issues; added teleport effect between waypoints; refactored quests; and coded cinematics.

3D Printed Korghan

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