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Development progress and message on upcoming update.

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In addition to cleaning up bugs to prepare for internal testing of the upcoming update, the team worked on the following tasks since the beginning of the year.

The art team created more card art, Smithstone street concepts, and dialog characters; modeled Thieves Guild's church entrance; baked lightmaps; worked on a new landing scene; completed an art pass on the Store, Pyro, and boss loadout galleries.

The audio team remixed music and added it to UI music.

The design team implemented Smithstone assets; revised tutorials and conversations; wrote fireheart and Pyro tutorials; completed other tutorial scenes; implemented Starfall prolog with bosses; updated analytics sheet; and verified Playfab against Steam revenue reports.

The engineering team implemented equipment showing on heroes in Store; updated currencies; polished Store/Chapter Select code; worked on UX flow and Chapter Zone select; converted damage numbers to use Text Mesh Pro; upgraded to Unity 2017; worked on network optimization and Elo matchmaking.

Indie DB Indie of the Year 2017 Competition

Labyrinth ended the competition in the Top 100. Thank you very much for voting and helping get the word out.

Upcoming Update

We are targeting the end of the month to release the update. There is lots of new code going into the game, so depending on issues we find, it could be later.

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