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Another milestone as we keep making progress on Labyrinth! A small patch was released today. The work on the upcoming update continues to progress behind the scenes.

Card Fixes

  • Offhand slot was unusable for 1 Tick if last Durability of Chain Reactor was passively used by Amped 1 Tick card played as an Instant
  • Open the Killing Eye was not triggering on some Amped attacks
  • Horn of the Spiritcaller was not properly increasing cost of Kindled Spirit
  • Hundred Fist Strike armor buff was not triggering enough times on multiple target kill
  • Bosses were playing Bomb with no visible targets
  • Blast was not triggering as an Attack card

Card Revisions

  • Intervention now targets allies not friendly characters (i.e. not the caster)
  • Smite now deals 5 damage OR 10 damage if there are 3 or more enemies
  • Ace of Thieves now gives +1 damage on your next attack this turn instead of +1 Attack this turn
  • Chain Reactor now costs 2 Ticks to equip (no Amp required)
  • Coiled Dragon Technique is now 5 Tick Windup, Piercing, deal 5 damage in Blast 2, 10 Fury - Gain +5 Armor during Windup
  • Clockwork Beast's passive is now +2 Counterstrike on even Ticks, +2 Armor on odd Ticks and its Health is now 45
  • Swipe is now 2 Tick Windup, deal 6 damage in Cone 3
  • Bite is now 3 Ticks, Piercing, deal 3 damage and cause Bleeding
  • Wolf Minions now use Hunter AI (seek lowest Health target)
  • Charging Bovak now has 9 Health
  • Rake is now 3 Ticks, deal 3 damage and cause Bleeding in Cone 3
  • Fire Elemental is now named Pyrofiend
  • Renewal is now 2 Ticks, restore 5 Health

New Card

  • Taste for Blood (Rare Beast Perk, 1 Star): Restore 1 Health when you attack an adjacent Bleeding enemy.

Retired Card

  • Savage Swipe (Rare Beast Perk, 1 Star) will be refunded with Stardust


In the last two weeks, this is what we've been up to:

The the art team finished a low poly statue for the Forest Level and textured the level; created additional card art; worked on art for the new landing page; worked on world map concepts; fleshed out the Northgate district map; worked on city map pieces and made an adventurer piece; plus, sculpted Faydin.

The audio team worked on composed story mode ambience; and created hidden treasure and oracle blessing scenario audio.

The design team created new map layout for Northgate; wrote Welcoming Committee and other scenario scripts; completed 3d map scene; added new tips; worked on thief tutorial; designed Northgate specific boss scenes; worked on visual polish, caster, mech, elemental cards; rebaked art assets; added tip triggers, adventure items, and zone 2 scenario; reworked defense tutorials and encounter content; after researching moving event data to Snowflake, started ported queries to there; plus did marketing partner outreach.

The engineering team added post battle bonus encounters; worked on item inventory management; completed the card pack screen; coded the hero camp page; updated the random table generation for the store; worked on store UI; enabled tutorial rooms to reset; added a waypoints feature; added hero camp page; added purchasing using Starstones; cleaned up adventure & receipt data; ‚Äč installed 3D map; and added boss item rewards.

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