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The beta release for Lab Rat is now available for download!

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The beta build of our game, Lab Rat, is now available

What's New:

  • Improved tutorial - better walkthrough of player weapons and abilities
  • Orb friend - shooting now done by a orb floating around you, guns renamed to thematically fit
  • Weapons balanced and ammo pools separated
  • Improved boss fight
  • Player and Enemy animations
  • Sound effects
  • Story - now the player knows what they are doing here
  • Assorted bug fixes

Based on feedback from peer evaluation, we decided to focus on improving the boss fight and tutorial, as well as adding sound effects and rebalancing the weapons. There was confusion among players during testing about controls, so a new tutorial was implemented. In addition, the boss fight was too easy so it was given a major overhaul. The weapons were changed for theming, and given a review and rebalanced to make them more unique from each other while maintaining similarities in power level. The player and enemies were given animations and sound effects, and a number of bugs were fixed.

For our next release we plan on improving the enemy pathing and patching any remaining bugs run into by beta testers. The enemies do not path around corners or obstacles, so we are looking at adding more advanced pathing to the enemies. Once we receive feedback from our beta testers we will review it to find out what bugs still need fixing, as well as what balancing changes need to be made.

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