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Preview of the new update which focuses mainly on bugfixing and the Kingdoms of Hawaii.

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Hawaii Update

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Hey guys,

Its a long time since the last Update, but now its here. Its mad up mostly of bugfixes, I reduced them from 1200 to under 200. But it has also some nice features which I will list below.

- I decided to switch all native countries to neutrality and the more advanced ones to absolutism. When I come to the actual country I maybee will rework that again

- fixed some borders in europe

- some new GUI elements

- fixed many flags

- fixed some puppets

- Added an generic idea for native tribes which provide +10% defence in core territorry

native tribe

And now to the core of this update: Hawaii ;-)

You may ask why Hawaii. Well someone told me that the islands are still a part of the USA. So instead of just add them to another country I completely reworked them.

Here are just some of the 15 new events for the Hawaii Kingdoms

20161101170805 1

I also split Hawaii into 4 states now and added its correct population for this time. So in facts thats the most accurate country in this mod now ;-)

Stay tuned for a new update.

Ps: Please report me every bug you encounter. Otherwise I cant fix them


Intriguing. There's not many mods/games that focus on pre-American Hawaiian history/politics. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Also, it would be "They didn't -have- a chance" as well as "Burn -their- entire family". Don't mean to nitpick, but just helping you out as English is a second language.

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roemer9 Author

I will change that in the next update. Ur right, my first language is german.

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