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This time we will talk about goal and features of this mod

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Greeting, Comrades. I am glad to introduce la Commune de Paris (LCP) mod for you, this mod will show you the war between Paris Commune and French Republic

Singleplayer part will focus on the Paris Commune history and provide a sandbox mode in French map, you can lead the Commune Army to win the victory fight against the capitalism, you also can lead the French Army to restore the Paris from Commune's hand, you even can also lead the German Forces occupied the whole France.

And also I will add Artillery and Machine gun into the mod, so it means you can use Gattling Machine gun in the singleplayer.

Multiplayer part will provide several multiplayer maps in the Commune history, which include:

  • Paris street
  • Montreal Heights
  • Father Lachaise Cemetery
  • German blockade line
  • Black Forest


LCP Factions Logo


Paris Commune:


French Republic:

3779eb77f137445b2a582628d697094a 3a4d97d4ca8516356b67a61d73410eaf

German Empire:

bb8c8a3f04dc034ed1695a5bb9b446b7 411dacfd6818909bf07fce9d975f4f51

World Map:

World map will include the whole France


Moddb Page:

Taleworlds Thread:

Chinese Mount & Blade Thread:



"Working men's Paris, with its Commune, will be forever celebrated as the glorious harbinger of a new society. Its martyrs are enshrined in the great heart of the working class. Its exterminators, history has already nailed to that eternal pillory from which all of the prayers of their priest will not avail to redeem them." —— Karl Marx <<French Civil War>> (English Edition of 1871)


(Paris Commune 100th anniversary chinese poster <1971 publication>)

Although the great Paris Commune failed under the crazy attack of reactionary capitalism. But the great feats of the people of Paris will continue to inspire us to win the great victory against capitalism and the realization of communism!

The great Paris Commune is immortal!

Vive la Commune de Paris!

Vive le communisme!

Dedicate this mod to the great Paris Commune and the brave and fearless people of Paris

See you next time, comrade!

la Commune de Paris


Vive la Commune! Let the fire of revolution spreads all over the world!

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Based mod. Will follow closely

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Based content comrade, not a topic often discussed, was very happy to see this on the mod list!

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