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The new Realism mode is explained in all its glory, includes game play videos and interviews.

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AA Killer has been posting some information regarding the new Realism mode in Left 4 Dead 2 and has provided us with some useful links and information about it which we intend to share with everyone. So the basic details of Realism Mode:

  • No Gun/Item Highlights: You cannot see weapons from a distance, you have to be standing next to them for them to light up.
  • No Player Highlights: Other survivors are not lit with that blue glow, or yellow glow or red glow for that matter either. Thus making it so that you have to stick close together else you could get lost amongst large corn-fields.
  • Head Shots for Common Infected: The common-infected need to be head shotted in order to do the most damage. You can body shot them but you have to do more damage to their body rather than the one shot to their head. So you wil see more infected running around with no arms, though i wonder if you shot their legs off whether this would work.
  • Not for Versus: That's right, this capability is not available for Versus, i suppose that this would make Versus near-impossible to do.
  • Greater Witch Spawns: Left 4 Dead 2 has its wandering witches, well in Realism mode you will see them more often, and if you startle them it's instant death but you can use the defibrillator to revive them.
  • Its not another Skill Level: It's not a level above Expert or something. You can play it amongst expert/advanced/normal/easy its just something that changes the game slightly.
  • No Incap: It's either standing or dead. You can use the defibrillator(defib) to revive team mates though

So heres the Source article.

But along with that we have 3 new videos as well:

Realism Mode Walkthrough From G4TV:

Video Game - E3 2009 - G4 Web Exclusive Realism Mode Interview

Video Game - E3 2009 - Xbox 360 Scavenge and Survival Mode Interview

Video Games - E3 2009 - G4 Web Exclusive A special thanks to AA Killer for that information.

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