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Info about L4D2 Demo being delayed and some Z List improvements

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So firstly, as this is what everyone is really thinking about right now. The Left 4 Dead 2 Demo has been delayed. It is set for release today at 8PM GMT, so at least we have it to be a plesent thing to wake up to. The original change in release time being wrong was human error but now there is something else delaying it. I am expecting this to be some kind of problem with the code or something which makes the game really buggy or at least unplayable. So if your complaining about it being late then think about how much you'd complain if you got it and it didn't work too well...

Although the Xbox 360 players already have the demo... curses!

Anyway, to cheer things up we have a release. We have just released a brand new bunch of stuff for the Z List:

  • 4 New Signatures by Soul Grafitti
  • The ability to select where the link on your name goes to, either you Steam Profile L4D stats or your forum profile
  • Added Z List signature to forum profile to show stats
  • Added options page to help choose your own signature, remove yourself from the list and change your link to policy.
  • Made it so that users could see where they were more clearly by having their row highlighted and added a link to the options page beneath it.

At the moment the signatures are just generated by scripts, but i intend to have it save it to an image so that people can use it in those forums who only accept image files for signatures. I will work on that another day though, so stay tuned for that as well! Anyway check out the Z List here.

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