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The last alpha version update for KW Reloaded with a big one.

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Here is the last alpha version update of KW Reloaded to the public. There's nothing significantly new here as it does not contain any new balance changes or any new units and structures. It's just additions and replacements.


Note that for "Art.big" and "Misc.big" files, place them into "C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars\Core\1.0" directory. Make sure you have these old files backed up before overwriting them with the modified ones. These files might not be guaranteed to work for other C&C3 mods or when opening replays.

Changes in Alpha 0.45:
- Replaced all tga textures with dds textures to all KW units and structures for sharper and smoother looks (except portrait icons).
- Added Africa, China and Russia civilian objects now usable in C&C3 Worldbuilder with this mod.
- Added all 38 skirmish maps modified and imported from KW into C&C3 (5 unofficial from EALA, 4 easter egg maps that I found and modified, 1 old Tournament Tower map from C&C3 Patch 1.07 and 1 Tournament Battle map which is an alternative version of Tournament Decision for the KW German version) and the lost C&C3 X360 Tutorial map into the mod. However, the text scripts are not available for the C&C3 X360 Tutorial map at this point of time. KW terrain textures are included in order for these KW skirmish maps to run correctly.

Stay tuned for the upcoming beta version. I will announce the public beta testing when it's done.

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