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This is the partial change list for the upcoming KW Reloaded 1.0.

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KW Reloaded 1.0 is a long way from release. Although balance changes are easy to modify, getting in more content will be difficult. There is a guarantee I may add in some balance changes from the unofficial C&C3 Patch 1.10 and KW Patch 1.03 done by the CGF user. As for Steel Talons, Zocom, Black Hand, Marked of Kane, Reaper-17, Traveler-59, those balance changes are coming soon by the time you read this. Steps will be taken to insure a good mod devlopment.

Here's the rundown on the changes for version 1.0. These changes not final yet and some have yet to be implemented ingame. I may add in unannounced changes in the list.

KW Reloaded Version 1.0 Changes

• Added six sub-factions from KW: Steel Talons, ZOCOM, Black Hand, Marked of Kane, Reaper-17 and Traveler-59 (plus other custom factions such as GDI Trio, Nod Trio, Scrin Trio and Trio Alliance) EVA voices retained for those sub-factions.

• Added new units from KW: Slingshot, Shatterer, Titan, Wolverine, Behemoth, Hammerhead, Mobile Repair Transport, Combat Engineer, Zone Shatterer, Zone Orca, Zone Raider, Mantis, Specter, Purifier, Reckoner, Ravager, Reaper Tripod, Shielded Harvester, Heavy Harvester, Rocket Harvester, Confessor Cabal, The Awakened, The Enlightened, Tiberium Trooper, Shard Walker, Cultists, Prodigy, MARV, Redeemer, Eradicator. All sounds, taunts, art assets and weapons included for those units. Costs and values for those units are the same from KW patch 1.02.

• Added new units from C&C4: Mastodon, Sandstorm, Shockwave, Spartan Tank, Zone Defender, Armadillo, Avenger Tank, Cyborg Commando, Mutant Ironback, Mutant Scrapbus

• Added other new units: Orca Minigunner, Mutant Rocketeer, Looted Pitbull, Ambulance, Medic, Mechanic, V-Ox Transport, Carryall

• Added new structures from KW: Reclamation Hub, Redeemer Engineering Facility, Warp Chasm, GDI Air Support, Nod Air Support, Voice of Kane

• Added other new structures to build: Tiberium Field, Patriot Missile Battery, Defensive Tower, Bunker, Turret, Flame Turret, Lightning Spike, Life-form Tower

• Added neutral structures from KW and RA3: GDI Government Building, GDI Stealth Lab, GDI Tacitus Building, GDI Tiberium Lab, GDI Treasury, Scrin Terraforming Nexus, Observation Tower, Oil Derrick, Mechanic Shop, Hospital

• Added civilian objects and terrain textures from KW involving Africa, Russia and China.
• Added some unit abilities, upgrades and support powers from KW. Not all of them will be available to use due to coding difficulties.

• Added experience levels for all KW units and structures as well as C&C4 units. Not all KW units and structures have their abilities since some coding in KW do not work in C&C3.

• High Definition FMVs are now equipped with subtitles. The subtitles may stretch out of the screen. EA video logo and other unrelated videos at the start of C&C3 have been disabled.

• The mod string file for modified structures, units, abilities, upgrades and support powers has been edited and updated for use with KW content. This also involves sub-factions as well.

• Added some new support powers:
* EMP Cannon (GDI): cost nothing and cooldown is same as EMP control center, requires Space Command Uplink. This is more like of a minor superweapon since it takes some time to charge. You cannot use it at once when the Space Command Uplink is built.
* Ion Storm (Scrin): cost 5000, requires Signal Transmitter, cooldown 6 minutes. This is very much similar to the Allied Weather Control Device superweapon back at RA2. It spreads 9 clouds emitting ion shocks to an area excellent against anything.
* Artillery Bombardment (Nod): cost 4000, requires Tiberium Chemical Plant, cooldown 5 minutes. It fires five ICBM missiles and wreaks havoc on a given area with splash damage at the same time.

• Added some new upgrades: HEAT Missile Upgrade (for the Zocom Predator), Offensive Maneuvers (Black Hand), Defensive Maneuvers (Zocom)
• Added some new unit abilities: Smoke Grenade (for the Steel Talons Titan)

Global Changes:

• Balance changes: All cost, build time (except infantry), armor, speed, weapon, hit points (health) and experience points are under KW patch 1.02 changes, rather than mixing with the unofficial C&C3 patch 1.10 & KW patch 1.03 changes. This does not include new units that are not part of KW. See the rest of GDI, Nod and Scrin balance changes below.

• Economy: Harvesters unloading Tiberium into refineries now take 8 seconds. All harvesters increase their speed by 20% and health doubled from 5000 to 10000. GDI and NOD refineries can now hold up to 10000 credits and their Tiberium Silos can hold up to 5000 credits. Growth Accelerator now gains 25 credits every 5 seconds. Tiberium Spikes when captured gains 500 credits and then 15 credits per second. Capturing a big Tiberium Silo gains 5000 credits and then 500 credits gained per 30 seconds. Capturing any other type of neutral structure also gains 500 credits each.

• Power usage: Power usage is now similar to RA3 standards. GDI Power Plant cost 700 with 100 power and cost 300 for the upgrade with 50 power. Nod Power Plant cost 500 with 80 power and cost 500 for the upgrade with 70 power. Scrin Reactor cost 600 with 100 power and cost 400 for the upgrade with 50 power. All power upgrade cores now require Tier 2 Structures (Command Center, Operation Center or Nerve Centre) instead of Tech Center.

• Stealth Detection: All enemy units cannot detect mines, aircraft and stealth units except allied units and only the units that can detect stealth include the Pitbull, Orca, Attack Bike, Venom, Avatar (with Attack Bike commandeer upgrade), Seeker Tank, Sniper Squad, Shadow Team, Mothership and Mutant Marauder. I also removed ground stealth detection to AA Battery, SAM Turret and Plasma Missile Battery defenses.

• Limited unit spam: Vehicles and infantry will have a build limit of 50. Tier 3 vehicles and above will have a build limit of 30. There’s no build limit on structures and some certain aircraft such as Orcas, Firehawks, Vertigo Bombers and Stormriders.

• Support power changes: Some changes have been moved in accordance with KW balancing.
Alien Nerve Centre: The Swarm, Tiberium Vibration Scan, Reconstruct Drones, Lightning Spike
Alien Tech Center: Phase Field, Stasis Shield
Alien Signal Transmitter: Shock Swarm, Ion Storm, Wormhole, Mothership
GDI Command Post: Radar Scan, Orca Strike, Airborne, Bloodhounds, Sharpshooter Team
GDI Space Command Uplink: Zone Trooper Drop Pods, Shockwave Artillery, EMP Cannon
Nod Operations Center: Radar Jam Missile, Decoy Army, Cloaking Field, Mine Drop, Shadow Strike Team
Nod Tiberium Chemical Plant: Tiberium Scan Vibration, Seed Tiberium, Catalyst Missile, Tiberium Vapor Bomb, Master Countermeasures

• Maps: All SP and MP maps (prior to C&C3 v1.09 and KW v1.02) have been modified for better zooming on the battlefield. Some SP mission maps have been adjusted and modified for game difficulty. Also included are all Kane’s Wrath maps (with the terrain included), official and unofficial bonus maps from EALA, Tournament Old Tower map from C&C3 v.1.00 and the lost C&C3 Xbox360 tutorial map that even works on a PC.

• Music changes: Action in-game music will no longer be heard unless you have 1000 allied and enemy units attacking each other, meaning that regular ingame music according to colored zone on the map will be played longer. Also here are the modified and new music tracks:
Main Menu: Red Dusk/CNC3 Menu
Skirmish/Options Menu: Tsun Menu
Load Menu: Explore Unknown
Score Menu: Act of Instinct 3 score and Mechanical Mind score
Credits Menu: Act of Instinct 3, Mechanical Mind, Harvester
Base Building: RA1 Intro/Bog 2004 Remix, Scouting/Flurry/Heroism, Valves/Lone Trooper, Creeping Upon/Depth Charge, Moving Out/Radio 3, Resources/Calculations/Electrode
Blue Zone: AOI3/Devil March, Nod Crush/Pharotek/Phat Attack, Voice Rhythm 1/2, Airstrike/Traction, Journey/Bounce, Industrial/Warfare
Red/Yellow Zone: Prepare for Battle/March to Doom, Enemy to Fear/Line of Fire, Rain in the Night/In the Prowl/Demolition, Defense/Timebomb, Prepare for Oblivion/Impending Doom
Unknown Zone: Trouble/Mechanical Man 1/2, Mutants/Gloom2, Dusk Hour/Elusive, Approach/Infrared/
Hacker, Technical Data/Composite, Link Up/Infiltrate/Recon, He Lives/Construct/Infiltrator, Virus/The Streets/In the Tunnel

• INI changes:
1. New faction added, Trio Alliance, which contains GDI, NOD & Scrin allied together and they will start with an MCV for each faction together. This is very well used as a last resort if you are stuck in tough matches especially at brutal mode.
2. When a Scrin faction wins a mission or skirmish, victory score is used as CNC3_SUCCESS_EVIL_V1 instead of CNC3_SUCCESS_EVIL.
3. All factions including sub-factions will start with a MCV.
4. The FPS limits to all maps are doubled from 30 to 60. Attempting to make the FPS limit infinite or set the option of FPS limit to disabled might cause issues to the game itself.
5. All maps should have a maximum camera look height of 500 and minimum is 120.
6. Fog of War re-occurs after viewing the area for 20 seconds.
7. Building speed to units, structures and upgrades decreased by 15% to 0.85.
8. MaxLineBuildObjects is limited to 8 meaning you can only place 8 wall segments at one time.

• Multiplayer/Skirmish changes:
1. All skirmish/multiplayer modes will have black shroud for all playable skirmish/MP maps.
2. There are 17 colors to select from for a faction before playing the skirmish/multiplayer game.
3. Maximum amount of beacons placed on the battlefield is increased to ten.
4. Starting value for players (custom mission maps or skirmish maps) is now 5000 from 1500.
5. All factions will start with a MCV at the beginning of skirmish or MP mode. The AI does know on deploying its own MCV during skirmish mode but however it cannot deploy its MCV if it's a custom faction.

• Gameplay changes:
1. When selecting a group of units or selecting all units on the map, all engineers, rigs, surveyors, emissaries and explorers are no longer selectable in this way.
2. Any advanced structure sold or destroyed will get you only a basic infantry unit.
3. All superweapons are charged at 7 minutes for each faction.
4. All engineers have a three second delay for capturing enemy structures before they are killed themselves, no delay for neutral structures.
5. The following units can now move backwards without issues and can attack in reverse move when they are supposed to be: APC, Pitbull, Seeker, Gun Walker, Devourer Tank.
6. The Call for Transport ability to all infantry and vehicles (except Scrin) is free of cost. MCVs, Rigs, Harvesters, Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers can also call for transport. There is no need to have air transports from the Airfield/Air Tower to be built because of this.
7. Command Center, Operation Center and Nerve Centre can now only have radar shown on the map instead of the regular Construction Yard or Drone Platform.
8. New crate spawn surprises: APC/Pitbull/Predator Tank for GDI, Scorpion Tank/Raider Buggy/Attack Bike for Nod, and Devourer Tank/Seeker Tank/Gun Walker for Scrin.
9. All factions have walls at a cost of 100 for the hub and 50 for the section. Sell cost for a wall hub and section is 10 credits. Wall span lengths are shortened to a limit of 8 spaces and a build radius of 100.
10. All cranes can now build defensive structures, but they cannot build superweapons.
11. For the build radius changes. Construction Yards have a build radius of 500; Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers have a build radius of 360; War Factories, Airfields, Tech Centers and Superweapons have a build radius of 100; Cranes, Foundries and Refineries have a build radius of 200. All others have a build radius of 0.
12. All vehicles and structures get 25% more health except air units and the selected units that have already been balanced with a health buff.
13. All MCVs and Drone Platforms will cost 5000 each. The selling of a construction yard is 1500.
14. Guardian Cannon and Battle Base are now equipped with railguns when upgraded.
15. Surveyors, Emissaries and Explorers are now buildable in the War Factory instead of Construction Yard or Drone Platform.
16. Master Countermeasures upgrade is now a support power when Nod Tiberium Facility is built. Only use this when EMP coils are used on Raider Buggies and if your allied units are hit with an EMP blast. Cost is now 300 and requires Tiberium Chemical Plant to be built.
17. Each money crate you pick up will gain 2000 credits but don’t try to do all at the same time. The value of credits picked up and gained is added to the capacity of credits in your refinery(s) and Tiberium silo(s). If your refinery(s) and Tiberium silo(s) are at full capacity, each money crate you pick up will be far less than 2000 credits.
18. Both GDI and Nod Tiberium Silos when sold no longer comes out with an infantry unit.

GDI Balance Changes

• Watchtower now requires Barracks when built. Power usage is reduced to -6. Attack damage increased by 33%. GDI Barracks now cost 600/6.
• Tech Center now requires both War Factory and Command Center in order to be built.
• Foxholes are now repairable after dug up by the rifleman squad. They can now be garrisoned for 3 infantry slots instead of two.
• Sonic Emitter and Shatterer attack power duration only lasts 1 second.
• AA Battery attack damage increased by 20%.
• Guardian Turrets and Battle Base (unpacked Rig) now have railguns when upgraded along with Mammoth and Predator Tanks. Attack range radius increased by 10%.
• Guardian Cannon damage increased from 175 to 200.
• Sonic Emitter cost is reduced to 1800 from 2000.

• Commando armor versus gun, rocket, and grenade doubled. Health increased by 40% and suppression reduced slightly. Can now place booby traps at a cost of 100 each but only on neutral structures and on husks and bridges.
• Zone Trooper squad can now garrison foxholes. Cost is 1200/12.
• APC attack damage increased by 20%. Health is increased slightly.
• Pitbull has its attack damage and fire rate equalized with the same attack damage and fire rate done by Attack Bikes and Seekers. Weapon speed for both Pitbull and GDI Missile Squad is now increased to 250.
• MCV cost 5000/50 and selling it gets you 2000 credits. Requires Command Post to be built.
• Surveyor’s unpack time reduced to 20 seconds from 30 seconds. Damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%. Speed increased by 20%. Cost is 1000/10 and is buildable from War Factory.
• Rig health increased by 33%. Speed increased by 10%. Packed Rig (battle base) health increased by 25%, attack damage increased slightly and repair drone range increased 33%. Unpack/pack time is only 3s.
• Shatterer range increased from 325 to 350. Sonic wave horizontal damage radius tripled, pre-attack delay removed, clip reload time increased, cost increased to 1500/15.
• Juggernaut cost increased to 2500 from 2200. Splash damage is doubled. Rate of fire is increased by 20%. Clip reload time reduced from 5s to 3s for Artillery and RocketPod weapons. Clip reload time reduced from 5s to 4s for Artillery Bombardment. Turret turn rate doubled the same as the turret turn rate when damaged.

Unit Ability, Support Powers & Upgrades:
• Zone Trooper jumpjets no longer have a small pre-jump delay, flying speed increased to 180.
• Sniper Team no longer unstealths when using Bombard.
• Radar Scan now costs 300 with a 60s cooldown.
• Orca Strike support power cost increased to 1000 from 500. Attack damage and radius increased by 50%.
• Shockwave Artillery cost increased to 3000. Cooldown increased to 240 seconds. Target radius and area of effect are doubled though inaccurate at some points of any map. Attack damage is increased significantly.
• Bloodhounds and Airborne are at regular costs. Sharpshooter Team decreases its cost to 3000 from 3500. Units that are reinforced from the support power are no longer having their elite status, but start as veteran status.
• Zone Trooper Drop Pods cost decreased to 4000.
• Railgun Upgrade decreases its cost to 4000 from 5000 despite the usage of Guardian Cannon. Time to upgrade is cut to 75s.
• Pitbull Mortar upgrade cost reduced to 1000 from 2000. Research upgrade time is 30 seconds.
• Composite Armor cost reduced to 1500/45.
• Zone Trooper Scanner Packs provide 20% attack range boost. Cost reduced to 500/15s.
• Zone Trooper Auto injectors cost is 1000/30s. Health bonus increased an additional 20%.
• Stratofighter upgrade to Firehawks is reduced to 1000 in 30s. When used, cooldown is 10 seconds.

NOD Balance Changes

• Tech Center now requires both War Factory and Operations Center in order to be built.
• Shredder Turret, Laser Turret and SAM Turret each have increased build radius by 10%. Shredder Turret requires Hand of Nod to be built. Laser Turret requires Operations Center to be built.
• Obelisk of light cost/build time increased to 2000/20s.
• Disruption Tower is now cloaked in the battlefield when it is built. Stealth radius increased by 10%.
• Secret Shrine can now heal infantry squads in 3 seconds.

• Militant Squad cost is 200/5 and their attack damage increased by 50%.
• Black Hand Squads are now immune to tiberium. Cost is 1000/10.
• Nod Commando can now provide stealth while moving. Health increased by 40% and suppression reduced slightly. Armor versus gun, rocket, and grenade doubled. Can now place booby traps at a cost of 100 each but only on neutral structures and on husks and bridges.
• Attack bike attack damage increased to 350. Armor versus cannon reduced by 10%.
• Harvester cost is 1400/14. Health doubled to 10000.
• MCV cost 5000/50 and selling it gets you 2000 credits. Requires Operations Center to be built.
• Beam Cannon moved to Tier 2. Cost increased to 1200 from 1000 and speed increased by 10%. Range increased by 20%.
• Flame Tank range increased from 100 to 150. No longer inflicts damage on friendly allied units.
• Stealth Tank health increased. Attack damage increased to 400. Cost is 1500/15.
• Emissary’s unpack time reduced to 20 seconds from 30 seconds. Damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%. Speed increased by 20%. Cost is 1000/10 and is buildable from War Factory.
• Avatar cost increased to 2500 from 2200. Health reduced from 13000 to 11000. Range increased from 350 to 375. Unit can fire while moving. Avatar upgrades improved significantly for the following:
--Flame upgrade range increased from 100 to 200 and attack damage increased to 175.
--Beam cannon upgrade damage increased from 900 to 1100.
--Bike upgrade detection range increased by 25%.
--Stealth upgrade provides stealth while moving and pre-attacking.

Unit abilities, support power & upgrades:
• Booby trap: cost decreased to 100. (applies to GDI/Nod Commando and Saboteur)
• Laser Capacitators decreased its cost to 2500 from 3000. Time to upgrade is cut to 60s.
• Dozer Blades upgrade is now moved to the Operations Center. Cost and research time doubled. Armor bonus increased to 85%.
• Signature Generator upgrade is moved to the Air Tower. Cost increased to 500 from 200.
• Tiberium Infusion: cost reduced to 1000, build time increased to 30s.
• Shadow Strike Team power cost increased to 2000.
• Radar Jamming Missile now cost 300. Jams enemy radar for 20 seconds instead of 10 seconds.
• Master Countermeasures upgrade is now a support power when Nod Tiberium Facility is built. Only use this when EMP coils are used on Raider Buggies and if your allied units are hit with an EMP blast. Cost is now 300 and now requires Tiberium Chemical Plant to be built.
• Cloaking Field support power cost increased to 3000 from 1500. Cooldown increases to 180 seconds from 120. Damage vs infantry reduced to 400 from 500.
• The support power Seed Tiberium now has a 120 second cooldown and the target radius has changed meaning more green tiberium will be put in that radius with at least 5000 credits.
• Catalyst missile damage radius reduced to 100. Catalyst chain reaction radius increased from 50 to 100. It can now affect Scrin Refinery and Harvester.
• Added Tiberium Vibration Scan to boost scanning the fields. That support power is free of cost and cooldown is 3 minutes. Requires Tiberium Chemical Plant.

Scrin Balance Changes

• Technology Assembler requires both Warp Sphere and Nerve Centre in order to be built.
• Stasis Chamber can now heal infantry for 3 seconds.
• Growth Accelerators gains 25 credits every 5 seconds after it was built.
• Buzzer Hive now requires Portal in order to be built.
• Storm Column armor increased by 15%. Cost decreased to 2500 from 3000.
• Lightning Spike is now available to build as a buildable defensive structure with a cost of 1500 credits. The support power itself (as a defensive structure) costs 1500 and has a 60 second cooldown. Attack damage is increased to 300.

• Buzzers now costs 300/6. Speed decreases to 70 from 75.
• Assimilator is permanently cloaked when it both moves and stands still.
• Mastermind can be built more than one. Armor versus rocket, and grenade doubled.
• Disintegrators attack range increased by 35% so that back-end members of the squad should no longer have trouble firing. Attack damage reduced by 25%. Firing duration and reload time is now 0.5 second. Cost increased to 500/10.
• Shock Trooper Squad cost is now 1000/10 and can be crushed by tier 1 and above units. Their plasma disk upgrade should now be able to fire against enemy aircraft. Plasma Discs Upgrade attack power increased to 300 from 260.
• Devourer tank uncharged damage increased 24%, charged damage increased 10%.
• Corrupter cost increased to 1200/12. Attack range increased by 50%. Speed increased by 17%. Heal rate to friendly units reduced by 50%. The heal rate does not longer apply to Scrin aircraft and Drone Platform anymore.
• Annihilator Tripod cost reduced to 2500 from 3000. Health decreased to 11000. Damage increased by 10% for all 3 laser weapons.
• Harvester cost is 1400/14. Health doubled to 10000.
• Drone Platform MCV cost 5000/50 and selling it gets you 2000 credits.
• Explorer’s unpack time reduced to 20 seconds from 30 seconds. Damage taken by gun-type decreased by 25%. Speed increased by 20%. Cost is 1000/10 and is buildable from War Factory.
• Stormrider cost reduced to 1400 and its health increased by 15%.
• Mothership increased its health slightly but speed decreased by 15%.
• Devastator Warship cost is 2600/26. Range increased by 14%. Damage type changed from cannon to grenade.
• Planetary Assault Carrier cost 3000/30. Its speed and shield are increased by 20%. Invader fighters respawn 12 sec after being killed, instead of 30 seconds. Attack damage increased from 45 to 55. Health of drones increased 10%.

Unit abilities, support power & upgrades:
• Mastermind teleport recharge increased to 20s. Mind control no longer applies to enemy Commandoes and Harvesters.
• Both the Plasma Disc Launcher and Blink Pack upgrades are now moved to the Stasis Chamber. Plasma Disc launcher cost and build time reduced to 1500/45s. Blink Packs cost/build time reduced to 500/15s.
• Forcefield Generators now apply to Devourer Tanks, Corrupters, Stormriders and the Mastermind. Upgrade decreased its cost to 4000 from 5000. Time to upgrade is cut to 75s. The upgrade applied to those units will have their shield recharged in 90 seconds instead of 120 seconds after their shields are destroyed.
• Tiberium Vibration Scan support power cost reduced to 300.
• Stasis Shield support power cost increased to 2000. Cooldown is 180 seconds.

Neutral Balance Changes:
• All neutral structures increase their armor by 30% excluding civilian structures.
• Viseroids increased their health, speed and attack damage by 15%.
• Blue Tiberium growth rate is 50 seconds. Green Tiberium growth rate is 25 seconds.

All changes and music tracks shall all be credited by the time the beta and full releases are here.

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