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Small update featuring the Kubelwagen and some text.

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Hey all,

Screaming Eagles is back on track again. It has made a small pitstop since we had some private life issues, but just like in formula 1, a pitstop goes fast and smoothly.
Even tough we had a small stop, our team kept on growing, we are now in a total of 13 members excluding the modders who recruited.

For this news update only the Volkswagen Type 82 will be featured, also better known as the Kubelsitzwagen or Kubelwagen and our first done model ingame and textured, wich is a bunker. It's a small step but it's a good beginning. Remember this is just a teaser to keep up the interest in the modification. We got some awesome models WIP and some nice levels too so stay tuned for more!

Check our image gallery here on moddb for the new screens --

Thank you for your time and interest.
Screaming Eagles Mod Team

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