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Development of KtK 2.09.31 finished - servers and players needed to test.

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Hello everybody,

after a long period in which the development of KtK was stopped, i am proud to announce that it's still alive (and not dead as maybe some of you thought). Due to some changes in my real life, i had no time to keep the development running and to be honest i thought this would mean the end of KtK too. In the last few weeks i had some free time in which i have checked my message boxes on several forums. Surprisingly i had loads of messages by players and server admins asking me to fix the remaining bugs, or to release the sources. After all the shit which happened with CoD4, basically the fact that some people started to steal cd-keys through modifications of mods they had/found the sources for (thanks god they stopped) and the fact that there is no further update/support for the anti-cheat engine, i decided not to release my source files. Instead i have started to fix all the remaining bugs and other issues. As far as i was able to test the changes i would say the bugs are fixed and the mod is ready to be tested in action. This means i'll release the files to people who are willing to put it on their server and to report found bugs. After a test period of 2-3 weeks, i'll upload the mod here (would be a nice christmas gift, wouldn't it?). I really hope you guys still have as much fun playing the mod as i have/had developing and playing it myself. So now it's your time! KtK needs you!

Here's the changelog for KtK v2.09.31:

- Katana, knife and dog bite can now also be used by pressing the attack button,
- Fixed the server crash "exceeded maximum number of script variables" caused by to many players playing on the server,
- Fixed the bug that the dog was picked even if he's disabled in the config or set to a amount of needed guardians,
- Fixed the bug which blocked players from resetting a picked hardpoint,
- Fixed the issue that assassins loose a gained carepackage on respawn,
- Fixed the j_head/j_helmet server crashes (finally),
- Fixed the money display for assassins,
- Added a new system to the assassin class selection which defines in percentage how often a class will be chosen,
- Added a feature to disable the helicopters on certain maps,
- Added dvars to change the color of the gained xp popup,
- Added targetmarkers to some hardpoints (e.g. ac130),
- Added a javelin for the assassins,
- Changed the check for how many helicopters are currently in the airspace,
- Changed the weaponbox so assassins can now use it too.
(Due to the long break possibly not everything is listed here)
(Check the "New Dvars.txt" within the config folder to update your current config)

Ideas how to improve the mod (e.g. new features) are always welcome!

As a side note:
Keep the name of the modfolder and the name of the iwd file/s inside as short as possible to make sure you're not running into a "file sum/name mismatch" error. Rename the iwd coming with KtK if you have to.

- KtK developer -
Xfire: vikingkampfsau


WoW, I feel I have to set up back old server! I got many complains about why did we shut down our KtK...:)

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