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Kill the King version 2.09.26 available for public now.

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After a long time of keeping the mod private i finally decided to share the current version!

A big thanks goes out to the Team LineX for hosting the development server, sharing their ideas for new features and supporting me all the time!

Changelog 2.09:
- Added carepackages,
- Added a katana for assassins,
- Added a new Scope for Assassins,
- Added mantle support to the dog,
- Added a feature to restore lost ranks,
- Added a day-night-cylce based on realtime,
- Added enemy indicators when using AC130 etc,
- Added a horn to the RC-XD (just for a laugh),
- Added gore effects to the explosive crossbow,
- Added a new glitch detection to the antiglitch feature,
- Added a script to enable/disable the dog from certain maps,
- Added a second assassins if the dog is disabled or not supported,
- Added a function to reset challenges (somehow not working online),
- Added a menu to allow players to custimize their game a litte bit,
- Added textes to the unlockables menu to explain what the item will do,
- Added a killstreak for the dog so he's able to poop (just for a laugh),
- Added a script to delete unnecessary "script_/spawns_/trigger_ elements" from map,
- Added multilanguage support to the mod (unfinished due to the lack of translators),
- Added new hardpoints, gainable through the carepackage (Nuke, Sentry Gun, Predator, Juggernaut),
- Added a slot sytem for hardpoints to allow players to carry/use different hardpoints at once (like mw3),
- Fixed the self-revive for Vip's,
- Fixed the text positions on the loadscreen,
- Fixed the appearance of duplicated blood pools,
- Fixed the selection system, so it will not get stuck anymore,
- Fixed the tripwire and slightly changed it to make it more realistic,
- Fixed the filmtweak issue for players connecting when a nuke was launched,
- Fixed the script_error which wwas flooding the console when a player launched a hardpoint,
- Fixed the poison grenade, smoke effect will no longer be played in the air when thrown to high,
- Changed the layout of the admin menu,
- Changed the layout of the hud overlay,
- Changed the grenades to semtex grenades,
- Changed the flypath of the mortar shells,
- Changed the layout of the ghillie-selection menu,
- Changed the layout of menu visible when entering the server,
- Removed the rank up notify messages.

Note: If you have used an older version of the mod please compare the configs, additions have been made!


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