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KtK is moving to github - Releasing KtK 2.21 there.

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KtK is moving to github:
I am also releasing a small tool for developers:

The background:

As i mentioned in the latest announcement back in january 2017 i didn't want to continue this project, but the guys from [Ninja] constantly came up with epic ideas.

So we started to revive the project in summer 2019 and developed a private version with a lot of new features.
Sadly the server hardware broke a few month later and the hoster erased the full server without any information - including every backup we had on the web account.
Sadly our playerbase did not recover and we were left with a unfinished mod on a (mostly) empty new server.

The next step was hard but we decided to give up on this and close the server in summer 2020. Every developer can feel this... it's hard to let a project go, especially when it's your first and biggest one.

Luckily the admin of PussTheCat got an eye on us and offered a free server.
You can find this server at:

With their help I was able to finish the mod and now decided it's time to release it.

Important note:

We all know that CoD4 is pretty much dying out, so please expect some bugs that were not found yet.

I will stop publishing updates on moddb, so make sure you get the latest files/updates from the github page.

Additional notes:

A big thanks goes out to the [Ninja] clan as well as to the crew of PussTheCat which was constantly begging for fixes and improvements.

- KtK developer -
Steam: vikingkampfsau

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