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Sorry for the wait everybody. I ran into multiple issues while skinning Maya and Lilly but the first skins are done. For times sake I released version 2.

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Anyways I almost had the military skins done then they started to glitch out so I will put them in when I get them finished. I plan to add more custom skins as well as custom Lilly's but I haven't gotten to it yet. Anyways I hope you guys enjoy the update.

Full and Update versions are both available on this Mod DB page as well. It will take some time for authorization but if you are a Mod DB member you can get it now.

What is included in this mod?

-6 Unique Custom Skins for Ed or MarcusAlec (Military dude with blonde hair with 4 different camo types)Ben (Military dude with black hair with 4 different camo types)Clay (Classic Countryman/Hick/Redneck/Hunter)Danny (A dude in a sharkhoodie!)Steve (Dude with a beard and beanie)Merc Skin (aka SWAT Skin)
-3 Unique Custom Skins for Maya or LilyBobby (Country Girl)Tori (Punk Chick)Dea (Regular Chick)
-Custom Story Characters4 Military variants for each Male Story Character (Marcus and Ed)2 Regular variants for Marcus1 Regular variant for Ed2 Regular variants for Maya
-Preview ScreensMost of the skins can be previewed before installing themTo see the different camo types look at the Custom Marcus Military previewsThe other skins with military types only have one color available for preview.**Sorry it takes to long to screen shot every variant lol
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Media Fire Full Version:


Really nice work,man. Any thoughts on making a Michonne skin for Sam?

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