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After a long time I can finally release the version 0.6!

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Downloadlink for windows 32/64bit and Linux32/64bit click

Patchnotes 0.6:

  • Addded a tracer with keeps track of your last or longest try on a map. It will help you to complete the level.
  • Added 2 new Options. You can change the distance between two points of the tracer, and now you can select the antialiasing level by your own.
  • The games runs now with vertical vertical sync enabled instead of a 120Fps framelimit.
  • Changed the way PowerUps/Dows works so old maps aren´t compatible, but you can open a old map with the map editor and save them to update the level format.
  • Added the Upload function to the map editor. Now you can upload your custommaps and share them with other people! They only need to open their game, select custom maps and search your map and download the map automatically!
  • Removed the Speed challenge mode from the main menu. But custommaps with the gamemode "Speed challenge" will have an online highscore.
  • Reworked the custom maps menu. Now you can download custom maps from the online server easily. To add a local level to the list only add the name to the config file:"levels/levellist.cfg"
  • Improved the balance of the arcade levels. Now the levels should be a bit easier than before.
  • Several bugfixes:
  • The game wont crash anylonger if the connection failed to the server.
  • Fixed some performance issues
  • And a few more...

I hope you like the update!

Special thanks to Alexandre Bodelot for the linux version and Lukas Dürrenberger for the Cmake build system and a few other people who improved the sourcecode.


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