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Hello everyone! I'm writing this news to let you know this mod isn't dead, it's been asleep for a long time, but now it wakes again on the latest version of the Source engine. Read on for more information...

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A few months ago, programming development of this mod restarted, and a new version is very close to being released. This 2.0 version will offer a number of improvements to the original game, such as better framerates, more opportunities for mappers, a new updating solution and many changes, which mostly players used to the gameplay of Counter-Strike 1.6 kz will be able to relate to.

I've only recently managed to get access to the ModDB profile of KZMod, which has why it's been so long without any news. It's very great to see people still visit this profile, and I'm very pleased to say the mod still lives after such a long period of inactivity.

I'll post the major improvements to the game in this post, to give you an idea of what's coming:

-> The wallbug is 99% fixed, many maps no longer experience any wallbugs at all. This was fixed via code, so it applies to future maps as well.

-> Demos are now significantly smoother, and offer more sample points for moviemakers when making a campath demo, allowing for much better visual quality. First person demos are highly smooth and no longer require visual effects to cover up imprecision.

-> You can view yourself in third person in your own demos by turning a command on. This means you no longer need to record yourself using srctv, you can do a run and then immediately see yourself in third person.

-> The issue where entities disappeared if you flew away from them in third person demos is fixed. This manifested in CS1.6, source games etc as doors and other entities disappearing if you moved the third person camera away from the player position in demos. This is fixed, and you can fly the camera anywhere you want, even into other areas, and still see the entities/players there. Note this is only available by default on your own hosted server, or on all servers if the server admin enables it.

-> A tool named LaunchHammerKZ is available for mappers. This tool will automatically set up the Hammer editor for kzmod mapping, including setting all paths, and then launches hammer for you. You no longer need to manually configure anything like in older version. You can also set a shortcut to this program, as it will launch hammer for you if it's already set up.

-> Significant effort has gone into optimising the game, including multithreading, as such the fps in the game is much higher than it's previous versions. All graphics settings can be lowered, as well as disabling many of the advanced Source shaders, to make the game playable on any hardware.

-> The latest version of the Source engine is in use, offering HDR lighting, particles and so on to mappers and improved features to players.

-> A fix for the multiple game-spanning bug of the mouse cursor not staying within the game window bounds on certain multi-monitor configurations. Enabled with m_clipfix 1 (this bug is documented at ).

Once again, thank you for staying with the mod despite the inactivity. Please visit the KZMod steam group at to find out more about the game. Also, there is currently forums being hosted at for KZMod, so head over there to find out more as well!


Raptor, the game's programmer.


Great news Raptor, looking forward to try the updated release! Is SF still onboard with his awesome maps?

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kzRaptor Author

Yes, SF is still on board, he's just got a lot of real life business to attend to right now.

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Took you guys long enough, 7 years'ish? Better on time than never though amirite?

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7 years of development. except for 2, we had a big release each year.

Yeah this was written as if I no longer exist :D

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