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Build 2264 has been released, bringing some requested features and bugfixes to the game.

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Climbers! It's time for another update. This one brings some requested features and some bugfixes. Enjoy!

-> You no longer need to double-tap the hook button to use the hook when invalidating a run.

-> You can now respawn early from trigger_legbreak (death triggers, black screens etc) after a minimum of 1 second by pressing a movement key. Any respawn time skipped will be added to your timer. For example, if the map wants to make you wait 5 seconds and you respawn early with 4 seconds of respawn time skipped, that four seconds will be added to your timer.

Mappers can prevent fast respawning from trigger_legbreak (for example if something needs to reset in the map) by enabling a new keyvalue on the legbreak.

-> Added kz_cl_forceseriousmodels command, which lets you restrict which models you see other players using.

The file scripts/seriousmodels.txt controls which models are considered "serious". If you want to modify it, copy it from readonlycontent/scripts to your kreedzclimbing/scripts folder.

If forceseriousmodels is 1, each player with a non-serious model will be given a random serious model from the serious model list.

if forceseriousmodels is greater than 1, then every non-serious-model player will use the same model, at the specified index. 2 indicates the first serious model, 3 indicates the second, etc.

Read the documentation in seriousmodels.txt for advanced usage. Changing the value of kz_cl_forceseriousmodels (even to it's current value) reloads the script file.

Note that player sounds (for example homer's fall sound) will remain even if the player is using a serious model. This is due to how the server handles these sounds, this can be fixed later when that code is rewritten.

Also added to the advanced options.

-> You can now turn off the drawing of the "Climb Timer" roundel next to the timer with kz_cl_hud_draw_climbtimer_roundel 0. Also in the advanced options.

-> Fixed spectator target being invisible if you spectate them in third person with kz_cl_playerfade_enabled.

-> Fixed spectator target INVLD not displaying properly under their timer.

-> Fixed client/server desync that was making the screen rotate very slightly, and laggily, when landing very gently from small falls.

-> Fixed holstering bugs.

-> Fixed network usage problem after a player has changed models.

-> Fixed seeing your own character's shadow when the flashlight is enabled after changing models.

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