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Build 2049 of Kreedz Climbing has been released, adding many requested features. Read on for the changelog!

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Hello everyone! Build 2049 of Kreedz Climbing has been released. Please run your Update Kreedz Climbing link or KZUpdate.bat in the KreedzClimbing folder to update!

Enjoy, and thanks for playing!

Here's the changelog:

Build 2098

-> Fixed issue with art tool reload-to-clear-decals not working properly.

-> You can now turn off the "Checkpoint Set!" message with kz_cl_checkmessage 0. Also in advanced options.

-> Added description to /invis to explain how to use it.

-> Added /invis 3, toggles player overhead names, affects kz_cl_hud_name console variable.

-> Added /cp, /gc etc as an alternative to binding keys to +checkpoint and +teleport.

Build 2075

-> Merged the source code with the latest code from Valve in the upcoming SDK update.
Code that requires the updated engine is inactive, improvements that don't require the latest engine are implemented.

-> You can now use the hook during runs if desired. This will cause your run to become "invalid" and will not earn rewards or cause plugin listening stoptimer events to fire. To invalidate the run, just hold the hook button until it is done. Boosting yourself through a timer start using the bungee, hook, or a shop pickup will now invalidate the run instead of zeroing your velocity. It's also possible to invalidate coop runs.

You can change how many seconds are required to invalidate the run with kz_cl_hook_invalidatetimer_time.

-> Fixed LJstats inaccuracy, also everyone has ljstats now, can be turned on with /lj.

-> Added /speed command to see your current speed. Add a number afterwards (i.e. /speed 5) to set the number of decimal places.

kz_cl_hud_speed_decimals controls how many decimal places the speed is shown at.

kz_cl_hud_speed_x controls the x position,
kz_cl_hud_speed_y controls the y position.
kz_cl_hud_speed_colour is used to change the colour of the display. It is written in the format of R G B Alpha (i.e. 255 255 255 255).

To turn it on without using /speed, use kz_cl_hud_display_speed 1.

-> You can now press the reload key on the Art Tool to delete all art tool decals (or can use rrdecal_purge in console).

-> Added a message if you try and use /start without having started any timers first.

-> Added lastinv to the keyboard options.

-> Added KZUpdate_dedicated.bat, identical to KZUpdate except it has no "pause" at the end keeping the console open, useful for dedicated servers.

-> Fixed some text not being displayed if the Y resolution of the game was over 1200.

-> Fixed map setting "show game title" causing the game to crash on map start (kz_bhop_it_somewhere).

-> Fixed extremely excessive network usage caused by animating human models (i.e. hl2 citizen models) in multiplayer. The game will no longer generate physics collision models for human models, used in prop_dynamic entities, unless you specify the "Force collision data for human models" flag (in case a mapper wants this model as a boss character or for any reason must be collideable).

-> Fixed powerjump and bungee +attack2 also swinging the melee weapon. The melee weapon will only swing if you are within range of something now when using PJ/bungee.

-> Fixed momentary_rot_button rotation issues at over 360 degrees. Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time there was a func_rotating entity, programmed by Valve corporation. It decided that in order to perform it's task of rotating to it's maximum potential, it abandoned all sane checks on just how many degrees it could actually reach, and decided the sky was the limit. Fast forward say, 30 minutes on this map, and our champion of a rotation count is at over 1 million degrees. Highly satisfied with his effort after many more minutes of rotating, he decides to stop and take a break. Well, that's what it seems like, in reality his rotation level has gotten so high it's become a bogus value that can't be networked anymore, completely breaking it. Hence, from that moment onwards, a limit was placed on all rotating entities, that if they rotate any further than 360 degrees, they are reset to -360 and may continue from there. And that's how the momentary_rot_button was broken, because a mapper might decide it's allowed to rotate 720 degrees and so on. Hence, the limit was raised to a maximum of 40,000 degrees for rotating entities. If a mapper needs a momentary_rot_button to rotate over 40,000 degrees... God help us all.

-> Misc fps improvements.

*** Maps ***

-> Added kz_genesis and kz_fofmania to offical distribution, two great maps by the mapper Fact or Fiction.

-> kz_fortress - Fixed issue with skybox.

-> kz_beach, kz_bhop_angkor, kz_4youreyesonly - Fixed cubemap issue documented on XJ forums (vbsp bug, fixed in vbsp_kz) that made the water pure black. All reflections work properly now.

*** The missing map changelog for 2.0 release, thank you to SoUlFaThEr for these! ***

kz_ghosttown_ez Added color correction and HDR. It is now in black and white like I wanted it in the first place

kz_romeo2juliet Fixed various shortcuts, added HDR.

kz_trippin Fixed lightmaps and texture stretching of snow, added HDR

kz_bhop_ocean Fixed power4 displacement overload (133% down to 77% on physics), added HDR. It is now, surely,exactly what Millet wanted this map to look like. An endless ocean where you cant see the ends of the water.

kz_4youreyesonly Added HDR. All the entities work properly in this map.

kz_beach Fixed the bad lighting and incorrect sun angle, power4 displacement overload, added HDR and color correction for better late evening beach aesthetics.

kz_bhop_hangman Color corrected for some atmosphere and added HDR, changed start timer of the Bhop course, simplified the regular jump course a bit.

kz_xtremeblock Fixed ropes between 2 minimaps and added HDR.

kz_bhop_angkor Added a shitload of cubemaps (it only had 4), fixed 120 texture mistakes and added HDR

kz_bhop_shrubhop Added HDR and fixed some faulty displacements.

kz_mix_journeys Added HDR and you can now teleport to ladder and seeker course directly from the main teleport office area.

kz_bhop_kashgar Added HDR

kz_bhop_backalley Added HDR

kz_bhop_ravine Added HDR

kz_caverns_deep Retextured the main map, added fog effect and HDR

kz_cathedral Remade the ground displacements properly, adjust lightmaps for better shadowing, darked the map some and added lights to the outside as well as added HDR

kz_bhop_volcanohop Added HDR and color correction.

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