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Read about what we have worked on in the last month and what we will work on next.

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Ball rendering from the gameDifferent ball patternsUsing a sight when shooting at goalBelow is a summary of what we’ve worked on last month:

  • AI improvements: players can now pass the ball to each other, know how to mark opponents, how to dribble to the opponents goal avoiding other players. But there’s still a lot of work to do.
  • Improved ball physics a little, added continuous collision detection, so fast moving ball won’t pass through goal posts.
  • Ball rendering moved to the GPU (using a shader). This improves performance and ball quality (anti-aliasing and texture filtering).
  • We’ve implemented basic support for gamepads.
  • Made basic menu system for the game.
  • 25 ball patterns. There were plans for 7 patterns, but they proved to be easier to draw than expected, so we’ve made more of them.
  • Updated shadow rendering (now on the GPU, was on the CPU before).
  • We have drawn 102 team outfits (home and away) and 612 different players (4 skin colors, many haircuts, eyes, lips, etc.).
  • Implemented shooting using a sight and “bullet time”. We will write more about this in future.
  • The logo.

Things we will work on next:

  • AI. This is priority number 1 for us and still requires a lot of work.
  • Wearing out of pitch’s grass. Won’t affect gameplay, just eye-candy.
  • GUI elements: highlighting active player, timer, score display, etc.
  • Additional actions for players: sliding, tackling, charging, etc.
  • Goal’s net (procedural animation, so it should behave like in real life).

There is no playable demo as of yet, but we will release a shooting demo in a several days.

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