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This is a multi-moded game project i started in March 2014. I develope it within Blender Game Engine and create of course all visual elements in the game. The game contains several modes and has some combinations of the styles in old console games.

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Main characters of the game: Ko, Ka and Poy. All three characters are selectable in the game, who also have their own mode ( different perspective in the story ). To begin the game, player starts with Ko, who is the blue boy you can see in the previews i posted here. The other 2 characters are hidden ones, which are only selected when you input some unlock code, which the game gives after an ending of a perspective. Ko's ending ---> Unlock code for Ka, Ka's ending ---> Unlock code for Poy. I really work hard on this project, hope you guys are interested of all the updates i gonna put on IndieDB

Game plot:

One day, when Ko is at a garden, he heard a weeping sound. He searched where it came form and he found a helpless girl named Ka. He was amazed by her aura and felt something special on her. He tried to talk to her, comforted her and promised to protect her from harm. Ka felt secured and trusted him. He showed her his abilites, made her laugh, and they spend all time together. Eventually they fell in love. Meanwhile, Poy realized that his sister is missing. He is full of anger not because he's concerened with Ka but because he needs her to accomplish his evil plan. He searched everywhere until he found Ka laughing freely with someone. On the other hand his anger scorched up seeing Ko with her.

New added feature:

Ko's second guardian animal

Ko's realtime - morphing scene

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