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This is the message about Koel, clone of the Barnaby Khar`Lan. He is spy in the Yotuns dominion and he is natural hero for Salah`Zarr.

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Koel, Clone of Khar`Lan
(Information is under the secret, level - black)

Our agents get information, that doctor Koel, the most clever scientist is Salah`Zarr secret spy.

We don`t know now, who is he, but Yotuns Council developed idea about it. Yotuns main prophet Karajios saying that Koel can be Barnaby Khar`Lan`s clone. All knows that Khar`Lan is the best agent of Salah`Zarr, and we are, Yotuns, do not believe Potestas forces. So its can be real truth.

Lets see what Karajios will do with the Koel. No doubt, that Koel is genious person in the all Yotuns Dominion. But traitor is traitor. And he must be punished.

I think, you, mein herr Rofling, will decide this situation. Hallowed are the Yotuns!

Best regards, sevastocrator Albrectht.

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