Here you will find info about known bugs, glitches and so on. Comments section is great for posting info about bugs that I haven't listed, but you have found.

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  • slave trading in taverns, dialog line broken for now

  • no male/female recognition

  • can be too much debug-like info eg. Town 17 has 34 prosperity

  • some armours (from TLD) act very weird on female character (I don't know why and how to repair this)

  • error code – sometimes when using thrown weapons

  • I expected some minor problems with feature that allows player (through dialog with minister) sending money for recognition to other kings. As I am beginner coder if someone wants to help with that, contact me. That doesn't mean I am not working on this!

  • Some firearms have bad positions of fire, some need better sounds

  • As bribing prisoner lord works ok, there are some issues about another dialog line. If you imprison lord you can force hime to speak "about the state of the realm". I have succsfully recruited lord by this dialog line, but I have also encountered some errors when imprisoned lord says "I (...) cannot renounce {player_name}" where it should be name of the king of imprisoned lord. I am trying to work this out, but my coding abilities are just basic. Anyone who could help with this ilne – please contact me.

  • As to my best knowledge, THERE ARE NO BUGS that make game unplayable! I have tested my mod for long days, weeks, even months of "real-time" play. But still I am only ONE person for the mod. Please have it in mind. - - -

  • I hate bugs in the game, especially this one. I my opinion they break immersion and fun from play. I did as much as I could work out most problems, tested, tried rewrite code and so on.

  • Please, remember that: I got a lot of help from many people, inculding coding help and of course mad mount of osp objects and code – this is why this mod is so interesting (I hope).

  • But there was only one, 1 person, which had to be a coder, modeller, texturer, writer, designer, tester, graphic artist and so on and this person was me. That is why this game is buggy, unbalanced, weird, freaky, has medieval (original) graphics and so on. I can withstand all kind of critics, because it is all my fault. All I wanted is to give interesting game mechanic experience – and I want nothing in return. However any help you can provide – I will take. If you really want to help and know how to do it please see section 6 TO BE DONE, work in progress and bugs.


If you experience any graphic problems please set in the options menu "ragdoll" to 0

You can report any graphics problem to me or (better way) on the special site on the warband forum. I will create thread as soon as this mod will emerge online.


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