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The first update of the game is now out, and there is lot of features that i have added. New levels, new weapons, weather system, ratings... and a lot more!

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Update details:

New features:
• 3 new levels, including new enemies and new items
• weather system
• a gift code system
• multiple save-game slots
• rates added to each levels (with stars)
• 20+ new equipments

• added loading screen
• the lancer is stronger
• some enemies are closer to each other, reducing the levels size
• when you die, your game is not saved anymore and you can retry directly
• better iOS icon
• new alert box
• when a knight evolve, he's healed
• snakes in caves are more visible
• collected items are now displayed in the top-left corner of the screen
• equipment prompt takes now all the screen width
• all the map is revealed at the beginning of the game
• performances optimizations

Bugs fixes:
• items deletion on campfire fixed (only on iOS)
• Facebook share and invite boxes sizes fixed
• added support for x96 and x144 icons on Android
• textures tweaks on campfire's backgrounds fixed
• some mistakes in English and in French are fixed
• impossibility to go back to another level fixed
• when knights and enemies are dead, they no longer skid

What should I do to get the update?

Because of the new features, this game will not be updated automatically. You have to update it in the Google Play Store, or in the App Store.

Wait! I want to submit a request for this game!

Hey, good! You can submit your feature (or a bug) into our tracking system here:

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