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Stealforge is currently working on some new multiplayer modes to add into Knight's Move.

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Knight's Move has a new set of multiplayer modes coming April 2015

Stealforge is currently working on making a set of multiplayer modes for Knight's Move. Want to prove that you can outsmart your friends? Then these modes will serve as a public demonstration of your superiority!

The first multiplayer mode we will reveal is a one-on-one Knight's Tour Mode. In this mode, players must battle against each other to capture the most amount of squares without being cornered or unable to move.

Expect to hear more closer to the release date on April 2015.

A unique interpretation on a timeless classic: Knight's Move is a challenging, new puzzle game available on Google PlayTM. Knight's Move takes the interesting dynamics of the knight piece in
chess, and has the player avoid obstacles and reach the goal in as few of moves as possible. Players of Knight's Move can expect to be puzzled, as they use the knight like never before.

Knight's Move features over 190 levels - taking place on obstacle-filled chessboards. Players control the Knight, and must utilize the unique L-shaped movement to reach the goal. As the player progresses, new gameplay elements and obstacles are introduced to keep the game fresh and exciting.

A variety of chessboards awaits the player in Knight's Move. The conventional chessboard is available, as well as circular boards and the singularity board. Knight's Move also offers a dual chess board, where the board flips over every move.

3D visuals allow the player to navigate the puzzles in Knight's Move with complete control. Players can rotate and zoom the camera to immerse themselves in the experience and in the challenge.

Knight's Move - Screenshot #2 (Alpha Build) Knight's Move - Screenshot #3 (Alpha Build)

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