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The long awaited update is finally here. 5 months of development, a new continent, many focus trees, tons of events, new features, graphics and much more.

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At last, Equestria at War team is proud to present the biggest update of the mod so far! Featuring an all new continent, Griffonia, players can now choose from 57 brand new nations to play and now over 40 unique focus trees for both new and old nations. The lands of Griffonia lies to the east of Equestria and was once unified under the Griffon Empire, however, over the last 40 years the empire has fallen into decline with many nations declaring themselves independent. Can you lead one of these nations to greatness? Or will the Empire restore itself to its rightful power. Griffons have also received their own race specific technology tree and have their own unique problems to tackle, such as the Development system, built to represent the large rural and pre-industrial populations of Griffonia. Nations of note are the Griffonian Empire, the Kingdom of Aquileia, the Kingdom of Wingbardy, the Skyfall Trade Federation, the Griffonian Republic, the County of Greifwald the Blackrock Bandits and the Griffon Liberation Army, all featuring their own focus trees and events. The Equestrian continent has also received some significant updates: A brand new Solar Empire storyline is now open for you to explore. Including various paths for Celestia's downfall and the rise of Daybreaker, complicated event chains and a whole new world conquest experience. The Changelings are now able to adopt Thorax's Practical Theory of Friendship and become harmonic at last! The Penguins with their new focus tree are going to show to the world what they're made of. The Buffalo are very limited in their development and expansion options, however, with the new focus tree you can now lead them to greatness, if things go according to plan. Yakyakistan and the Jaki-Clan now also feature their own focus trees, letting you lead the Yaks to their rightful glory.

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