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Klalha is an action RPG set in a fantasy land. It plays like a clasic RPG game with a 2.5D graphics. Link to web version of an early build for you to try out.

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Klalha or "curse", is an action RPG set in a fantasy land plagued with abominations.

You are the hero trying to find out why the land is plagued with abominations and your own mysterious past.

Klalha is a classic style RPG, but with 2.5D/3D graphics with action RPG play style.

I do not want to hand hold your hand on every possible aspect of the game. So you will have to remember the quests given you(no quest diary) and think yourself where to go according to dialogs.

It's still in early stages, so many things may change as I develop the game.

You can try out the early build on the following webpage(remember you might need to use incognito mode in case your browser cached older versions).

The game is made with Unity so I am going to target many platforms.

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Unity 2017 04 08 11 49 20 68

Unity 2017 04 08 11 50 06 66

Unity 2017 04 08 11 49 37 25

Unity 2017 04 08 11 49 10 07


nice work :) keep it up. However do you want to target it on mobile too?

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PompiPompi Author

Yes, I would like it to be playable on mobile as well.
Of course the biggest issue on mobile is controls...
Though even if it will be only really playable with a gamepad it would be worth releasing on mobile.

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