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A new update on Kitty! I had a recent realization on just how massive Kitty turned out to be. I will also touch on what will happen once the game is complete and released for free.

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*UPDATE 3/11: THE SOLUTION WAS FIXED BUT I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT THE IDEA OF RELEASING THE GAME IN THREE PARTS AND I LIKED IT. THERE IS NO LONGER AN ISSUE WITH FILE SIZE BUT HAVING A LARGE GAME SUCH AS KITTY ALL IN ONE EXECUTABLE MEANS A VERY LONG LOAD TIME. So what I plan on doing is splitting up the 8 worlds between these three games and pack as much content as I can into each. When I finish the game, I will create a zip file containing the three games listed as: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3*

I am going to give it to you straight! I ran into a production problem with Kitty this past week (DON'T PANIC! It is not cancelled! The game will still be released and is still in production!) It was quite a bizarre problem that confused me and frightened me at first but, I was relieved once a solution was discovered. A solution I'd rather not do but so far it looks like I don't have any choice.

Originally I had planned to release Kitty as one massive executable file. A single click would launch the game without you having to deal with installs or extra files/folders that would be required to run it. Well it turns out that I might not be able to do that exactly.

I received an error message recently in the program that I use to create Kitty (I was about to beta test a ventilation shaft level) and in layman terms the message said my game was "too large" and basically had a lot of graphics, sounds, rooms, etc. Because of this, it won't play or start (not without deleting a bunch of sprites, rooms, etc first). Now this doesn't really surprise me, I was a bit sloppy towards the beginning production of this game (trial and error as well) so there are a lot of useless sprites and sounds that take up space. Now the game program that I am using isn't the MOST reliable so I occasionally get error messages but this one kept persisting.

So here's the problem with this, Kitty has 8 worlds each consisting of a variety of monsters, power ups, and boss battles (I plan on it being a 4-5 hour adventure). I got the error when I was working on world 3! So how am I expected to make those addition 5 worlds if I already received this size error so early in the game's production? I don't believe that deleting these extra/useless items will be enough to create the massive game of Kitty. So I have a solution, I will release the game in parts!

You heard me correct, since the game is so massive I might have to create 3 executable games (A trilogy of episodes as I like to call them). Not separately of course, they will all be released on the same day and in the same zipped folder for your convenience.


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