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A jam packed news update on Kitty! This includes the new situation on how you will be able to play "Kitty" once it's released as well as a whole bunch of juicy new info!

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I have extraordinary news! I wanted to start with a BANG so here it is! Due to how the creative process has been flowing, it looks like "Kitty" will no longer be split into 3 episodes/parts but will now be released as just one single executable file (no install required) as it was originally planned! WOOT!

BUT! Before I can dive deeper into this this juicy part of the news... Here's some quick new info I would like to share with you!

  • The game's expected size will be half a gigabyte once it is released. Who would have known that pure evil and terror comes in half a gigabyte?
  • You will need to have a fairly good/decent graphics card to play this game. I'm not talking anything spectacular just have a computer that is capable of running a colorful 2D game. You should also have a decent amount of ram. You will know if you don't have a good enough graphics card or ram if the game runnnnsss verrrryyyy slooooowwwwlllyyyyyy.
  • "Kitty" is now officially labeled with an "Epilepsy Warning." There are a lot of frightening fleshy robot monsters that want to flash lasers at you, so be warned!
  • This game will be released for windows computers only! (The game as been tested and works flawlessly on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.) SO NO MAC SUPPORT! SORRY MAC USERS!! :'(
  • Still no officially release date! Still pretty early in production. I can definitely confirm "Kitty" will NOT be released in 2015.

Alright! Now let's get to the main part of the news!! :D

Here's the quick full situation to get you all up to speed! (As well as inform you of the new situation!):

If you followed my previous news, most of this should sound familiar.

During the early production of "Kitty" I ran into a problematic situation. I received an error message when I tried to play test my game that said I had "No more free space available." This error not only prevented me from creating new things/objects but also wouldn't allow me to play test the game itself. So after a few days of panic and research I later discovered that the program I was using had only a limited amount of space to contain and hold all the graphics, music, etc of "Kitty".

Now I can't blame the program for having the lack of space to fit all of my ideas, the situation was actually all my fault! I was too stupid to compress sounds and I was sloppily leaving unused graphics and backgrounds in the project file and it was sucking up all the free space I could be using to make levels! Zoinks!

So I took the time to get rid of the unused and useless graphics, objects, sounds, etc in the project file. Unfortunately though, despite this I was still left with little to no space to create any new levels! This was very frustrating because this game took 3 years to plan and I had a whole notebook of all the worlds and levels I wanted to create but now I didn't have the space to do that! So this left me with a choice: either make the game ridiculously short or continue making the game but plan to release the game into 3 separate parts (having each part it's own project file). I really didn't want to release the game in 3 parts but the game has such a large narrative I didn't have choice! So bye bye to the plan of having just the one executable game once it was completed and released...

Now this is where it gets good and things definitely turn around!! :)

I was very near the completion of Episode 1 when I decided to do something that ended up completely changing the situation at hand. I decided that before I complete Episode 1 and move onto Episode 2 I would take a moment to give a REALLY REALLY in depth clean of the project file for Episode 1 (because before when I tried to free up some memory, I felt like I didn't try hard enough to really clean out and compress things). So I ended up devoting a whole month to this process of cleaning.

The paragraph above was my last news post...

BA-BAM! Would you believe it?! I can happily say that I have saved unbelievable amounts of memory/space in the project file! I am talking hundreds upon hundreds of megabytes! WOOT! So after I took a month of thoroughly cleaning out the project file I've saved enough space to actually be able to combine episodes 1 with the planned episode 2 (and from the way things are currently going, episode 3 looks to be bunched in here as well!) So right now I believe that "Kitty" will no longer be split into 3 parts! It will be a single epic executable file that requires no installs or file folders to play! This was exactly what I wanted in the beginning of production and now it looks like it is really happening!!!

*Phew* Now wasn't this a great jam packed news story!? Stay tuned for more in the future!! I can't wait to show you new screenshots of the game!!! As always, thank you for your continued love and support!!


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