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Progress report: recent problems have been fixed, polish has been added, and due to a recent change in production strategies the length of Kitty has been increased!

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*Two new screenshots added to the screenshot section! How exciting!! :D*
It seems that I have left my previous update at quite a cliff hanger! Zoinks!
If you remember correctly, I ran into a production problem with the program that I use to create Kitty. The problem was that I received a memory error that wouldn't allow me to test or create the game! (A developers nightmare! Especially since I've put my life and soul into this game's production). Rest assured, I am pleased to announce that this production problem has been fixed! Hooray!! The official outcome (If you missed it) is that Kitty will now be released in 3 parts (Episodes as I am calling them) on the same release day all in the same download! Here's the kicker though, it was through assessing this problematic situation (It was an issue with memory, I ran out of memory space in the program because Kitty was too large) that I have discovered and learned new things in regards to production! I figured out efficient ways of conserving memory for Kitty! It is through these new ways of conserving memory that I will be able to add new levels, and more polish to the game!

What I am referring to in terms of polish is not just in relation to fixing glitches, I am referring to the addition of things like minor details in the game. I believe that "attention to detail" is something that adds to the gaming experience and can really make a game shine. May it be blood dripping from the ceilings or insects crawling on the walls, it's fun to find those interesting little things in a level when you stop to look around. It's creating that perfect horror atmosphere and experience in Kitty that is most important to me.

However the bad news is that since I'm reaching towards the end of Episode one, I will not be able to incorporate what I learned (in terms of saving memory) to what I have already created (I can't re-code, re-create objects or re-upload things like sounds, that would take too much time) So instead, from here on out I will just have to apply my new skills to the creation of the next two episodes.

However, there is no need to worry about consistency of quality between episodes. I can assure you all that Episode 1 has just as much detail as Episode 2 and 3 will have. It was having TOO much detail in Episode 1 (and how I went about creating it) that caused the memory issue. But no need to worry, just expect Episode 2 and 3 to be significantly longer than episode 1 (Which is okay since episode 1 is named the "The Prologue" and nobody expects a prologue to extremely long!)

Anyway! That is all of the updates I wanted to tell you! Kitty is still going strong and the release is still aimed for later next year. So Stay tuned! But in the meantime, I am going to go work on Kitty ;D Cheers! -DangerDeckman

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