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An update on music, or rather this is our way of saying "please do not send us unsolicited messages about contributing to the Kitty Galaxies OST, we already have it covered" ;)

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Another small update ...

Aural Bliss

We have had quite a few messages from various composers saying how they want to write the music for Kitty Galaxies, having seen the game on Greenlight, Twitter, or IndieDB. However, we do not have any requirement for a composer, since we have had the game's soundtrack fully licensed since before the first trailer was even released, as should be evident by the fact that the trailer has some awesome music (if we do not mind saying so ourselves).

We have not produced the music in-house, we have outsourced that task. As for who this composer is, that would be the rather talented (to say the least) Broken Bit! Here is a link to his Soundcloud page, full of musical awesome:

As for why we chose him, we did not want "yet another space game with a orchestral soundtrack". There are so many of them already, we are wanting to do our own thing, and the orchestral soundtrack space game thing has been done to death. Also, although the soundtrack does feature chiptune influences, we did not want a pure chiptune soundtrack as it would not have gone well with the game we are creating. We feel that the soundtrack matches the action in the game, and in turn adds to the atmosphere of each level appropriately (which is an odd thing to say about a game primarily set in the vast realm of space by our own admission, haha!). After weighing up the options, he was the logical and obvious choice, and we are very proud to say that we have him aboard!

Current Stage Of Development

Things are coming together nicely, as each day passes more bugs are squashed, new features are implemented, and the levels themselves start coming together. Plus we also test quite a lot too, to make sure bugs are no longer present, or to balance the game. This means that elusive demo is edging nearer and nearer, but we will not set a date yet, it will be released when we believe it is ready. The last thing we want to do is release a rushed demo, and the same applies for the full game. The screenshots on the Greenlight and IndieDB pages are about to be getting a massive update in the coming week to reflect all the recent UI and game changes, some changes more obvious than others.

And that brings this brief update to a close, if you want to catch up with us around the web then follow our Twitter account at @yanxengames (which we are regularly updating with our progress, and the occasional screenshot or three), and if you have questions then end them in! We love questions, we also love Pepsi, but do not send that in, we have plenty here thanks.

Sayonara until next time,
(Developers of Kitty Galaxies, fans of chocolate gateau cake)

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