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A smaller update compared to usual, but no less important to the development of the game than usual.

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A tiny update compared to usual, but also pretty large as well ...

So We Went And Changed The HUD A Little

Exactly what we say on the proverbial tin. Now before we show you what it looks like we need to say a few disclaimers: 1) This is still a work-in-progress, so there will be a little alteration on the HUD here and there before the final release. 2) This is also our stealth way of showing off another very much work-in-progress component to the gameplay. Can you guess what we might be referring to? ;) 3) About that stealth thing I am referring to, that text is just placeholder text (and placeholder animation too). It uses pre-rendered video to display rather than sprites (which opens up all manner of possibilities), and those distortion effects you see on it are happening in real-time. We will be talking much more about these in the next update, so without further ado here is the video I refer to! As usual, best viewed using the 720p 60fps option on YouTube itself:

So there you go. A minorly-hyped HUD overhaul. We like it, and we hope you like it too ^_^ If you have any questions then keep them coming in!

Sayonara until next time,
(Developers of Kitty Galaxies, fans of Aldi own-brand beans)

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