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A charming life simulation/role playing game brimming with story, interesting characters, fun mini games, and more. Live your daily life as Mita, the little kitten, on her journey to understand the meaning behind the mother’s true love.

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You assume the role of Mita in a quest to find her ideal mother figure. However, what started as a simple journey suddenly goes awry when a mysterious rabid dog crosses her path. Rally the help of your friends, gather resources, and help Mita hone her skills through various mini-games in order to achieve her dreams together with her fellow companion!

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The whole production of Kitten Mita is inspired by various classic RPGs, such as Legend of Mana, Digimon World, Persona, and Atelier series. The game uses a turn-based combat system which is heavily tied by the scenario. There is no random battle, and every encounter you face will always be unique. You can also engage in various activities such as training, fishing, mining, and many more.

Kitten Mita offers unique and memorable locations for each chapter, which guarantees different and engaging experience. Be it in getting Glitters (the primary in-game currency), finely crafted and tuned soundtrack for the experience, and how the player plays the game itself.

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Dynamic Dialogue Interface
The dialogues in Kitten Mita has been meticulously handcrafted with animated interface. This is done to ensure that the storytelling--an important part of an RPG--feels a lot livelier.

Fun Daily Activities
Finding the perfect mother figure is but a pipe dream if one can’t manage themselves in their daily life. Eat, sleep, earn money, shop, and train to prepare Mita for her long quest ahead.

Exciting Adventure
Explore the vast and charming world of Kitten Mita, in your own way. Conquer dungeons, battle monsters, solve puzzles, play mini-games, and many others!

Wide Variety of Quests
Help local residents in their plights and uncover the telltales of surrounding regions. As you complete side quests, you will gain access to mini stories which can give you a deeper knowledge about the world.

Unique Environments with Different Theme
As the story progresses, Mita will travel to various locations, each with its own unique theme and culture. From mountain to desert, or even underground caves, these environments will affect not only the story, but also the way you play the game!

High Quality Original Soundtrack
Our talented composer’s works will enrich your playing experience with unique tracks that are tailored especially for every chapter. Enjoy music from various genres, such as rock, jazz, orchestra, and more.

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