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The way all the weapon kits are going to be, including: new weapons and kit parts.

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The way all the weapon kits are going to be.

LT kits:

//Note: most of the models are placeholders!
//2nd Note: 92fs will be changed to glock 17!

Spec ops: Knife, 92fs silenced, Grenades, Smoke grenade, G36c, C4;
Sniper: Knife,92fs Silenced, Grenades, Smoke grenades, Berret 82(will be changed);
Assault: Knife, Grenades, Smoke grenades, G3a3(will be changed);
Engineer: Knife, Grenades, Smoke grenades, HK53A3(will be changed), Wrench, Mine;
Support: knife, Grenades, Smoke Grenades, Hk21(will be changed), Supkit;
Medic: Knife, 92fs, Medkit,Grenade, Smoke grenade, M16a2(will be changed);
Anti tank: Knife, Mp5(will be changed), Grenade, Smoke grenade, Anti tank gun.

That's it for now!
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