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The era of total uncertainty is over! Today starts the new era: Era of gameplay videos of Kingstagram. Next week we'll be working on a big trailer that reveals all the gameplay features of Kingstagram. But we already have something to share with you and it'll be kind of odd not to do it right now. So, let's start!

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This week was very productive for us despite distracting full time jobs we have (brr!). The end of the week is the time to sum up our progress in making Kingstagram.

The Beginning.

Since wednesday the game starts with the animated main menu. It gave Kingstagram +100 immersion points: now you actually login into the most elite social network ever!

What's New with the Presidents?

The first version of News Feed is done! You can read, post, like, dislike, and even declare wars. Smoothy, nicely, colorful! Next step with News Feed: to add comments to it. You will be able to tell president of USA what do you really think about his cats!

Rotate their Photos!

Zoom, drag and rotate any picture in Kingstagram the way you want. Our best achievement. Nothing to add. It's just beautiful.

They have an opinion!

At the end of the week our advanced AI based on neural networks stolen from NASA went crazy. And now each country can react on whatever you post, like, or dislike. In its own way, of course.

For example, United Kingdom can decide that your like to France offend them, and change the attitude to you from 100 to 50. On the contrary, Germany can change the attitude from 50 to 100 just because they love France.

Anyway we decided to pretend that it's our new feature and call it 'Management of Relations'. Enjoy the video!

What's next?

Now we're going to use all the experience we have now to make a good gameplay trailer. We hope it will contain more features we haven't seen yet: making a new post, notifications, private messages (the very first look), and obviously wars among countries.


If you enjoyed the videos, please give us a hand. Visit our page on YUNOIA, login via Google account, and click the REVIEW button!

We're looking for some funding and you can help us even without spending money (or with, if you are an investor).

Thank you!

Sincerelly yours, Kingstagram.

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