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King’s Conflict – the unique trading card wargame – is now entering Open Beta. The game is now available for Android as well as PC and is still 100% free to play.

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King’s Conflict is a cross-genre turn-based strategy game which offers a genuinely novel mix of cards, conquest, strategy, tactics, and above all fun. There are concepts in King’s Conflict that players of Chess, Risk and trading-card games like Magic: The Gathering will find familiar, but there are plenty of novel mechanics thrown into the mix too. Watch the Beta launch-trailer for a quick introduction, or simply download the game and dive into the guided tutorial. Alternatively, watch some of the commentary games on the King’s Conflict Youtube channel to get a feeling for what it’s all about.

King’s Conflict can be played against the AI, but is really meant to be played online against other humans; this is where the real challenge and fun lies. Games are 1v1 strategic battles taking place on a map; the goal is to eliminate the opposing king. Games normally last between 10 and 30 minutes. Players use their cards to place servants or structures, or to affect the game with commands; servants can also move once in play. Playing well normally revolves around claiming territory to earn gold and food, but there are many routes to victory. Six different kings, eight maps, 200 cards, and a randomly shuffled deck each game ensures near infinite variety; no two games of King’s Conflict are ever the same.

The Open Beta phase implements card collections. Players now start with an adequate but far from complete collection of cards with which to build competitive decks. All six kings are available from the start, but the starting collection makes it hard to play the King of the Hunt, Blessed King or Deathly King well – these three ‘advanced’ kings await as your collection builds. New cards are most easily earned by beating other players, although an achievement system also provides limited card rewards for simply playing. Unwanted cards can be swapped in for others. When the game moves to release, players will be able to keep all collections built up during the Beta phase.

While technically in a Beta-state, the game is essentially complete and stable; work now will focus on polish and minor tweaks. Above all, the game simply needs players – so download, install and join the fun!

King’s Conflict – your free time won’t know what’s hit it.

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