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The update adds a bunch of new systems in and changes some graphics to make it easer on the eyes.

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The next update will be to the kingdom system, there will be upgrades for the castle if your willing to pay for them. The upgrades can range any ware from an extra barracks to a meeting room where you can discuss the state of your kingdom with your advisers. The text gui has been changed also along with animated faces to make npc’s more interesting. Also you will be able to get your armies to defend your kingdom instead of you, this means that soldiers are now generated each day depending on how many barracks’s you have up to a certain amount that also depends on how many barracks’s you have. Also as well as being able to hire soldiers to defend your kingdom you are now also able to hire archers, the benefit of archers is that they get the first attack in kingdoms fight. Kingdom fights happen when you send your armies away to attack other kingdoms or monsters, kingdom fights happens as follows: first both teams archers will attack each other (1 shot per archer) then the remaining archers will attack the other teams soldiers, this will end there part in the fight. Then both teams soldiers will attack each other (1 hit each) after this both teams soldiers will attack the other teams archers which again is only 1 hit each, after the fighting has been done the player with the biggest army left is the winner. This works near enough the same way when you let your army defend your kingdom instead of you. Also now when you end the day you now only recover a small amount of health. So the first thing you should think about building after your have 2 houses and a woodcutter set up is a healers house, the healer will heal you for a small fee.

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