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This is the preview video of the Dwarven faction Kingdom of Khazad-dûm, faction in DCI: Last Alliance.

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The DCI:LA team presents

The Kingdom of Khazad-dûm

Here is an hour's presentation and discussion about the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm, the faction of the Dwarves. They are spread out across the norther-west Middle-earth but maintain good order in their homelands, their caverns allows 'upgrades' of custom settlements while the brand new army of the Khazâd, expensive but good, makes ready to reclaim their former dominion.

A correction: the cavalry unit cards are from TATW

Starting settlements 03:53
Homelands 08:00
Cavern settlements 13:10
Characters 20:23
Uniqe features 28:00
Strategic tips 39:20
General models 43:40
Army roster 47:40


Best regards from the team


Looking very impressive.

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Ngugi Author

Thank you, ReV_VAdAUL

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Looking forward to it! ;) Keep up the good work

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Good video as always!

Firstly great job battling the distance from capital "that is always a big problem in med 2" with the homeland building.

Plus the way you guys made custom settelments upgradeble is impressive aswell.
Overall you can tell the mod team is very professional and able.

Cant wait for the next video. Keep up the great work :)

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Ngugi Author

Yeah, it was one of the first things Withwnar developed for DCI, as we planned for several such set ups and it was crucial for our vision.
We will encounter similar homelands later on, when we visit the Kingdom of Lindon and especially the Númenórean Kingdoms.

Again Withwnar proves himself ^^ The mechanic was developed when I intended to drop Erebor as a custom settlement, because I could not accept it starting as a big settlement, due to lore.
So he crafted this solution, allowing us to finally see custom settlements as more dynamic features in the campaigns :D

Thanks mate!

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A special thanks to Withwnar is in order then!

About King Durin. Have you thought giving him the Durins Chosen as a bodyguard unit?

It would make him even more important as the faction leader and it would be nice to try and balance if to keep him in Khazad Dum for them great cash bonuses from the Durins ring or to use him as a commander for armies.

Now for the Durins ring. If you could give him the Durins Chosen bg it would make sense to make it even better stats wise.

What do you think Ngugi?

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Ngugi Author

Durin: give him a 161 man strong bodyguard, boosted with Durin's stats while he has HP as a living tank while the BG autoreplenish up to a high number at all times? No, that would be extremly overpowered hehe.

Also, it's a visual matter, even if a custom BG could easily be made with the Chosens soldier models. Durin in gold with a steel clad bodyguard makes him stand out, like a shining beacon of prowess, as he wave through Goblin hordes with his axe ;)
Give him a golden bodyguard and he gets lost in the crowd, it is far less pleasing to the player, trust me.

The current set up is fine as it is, in our opnion.
However, if you'll prefer to switch BG and make some ancillary tweaks yourself when you play the game, that'll be easy to do.
Can instruct you how to as well, if it comes to that, no problems.

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Well no not 161 man strong bg XD
Looking at some of DaC bodyguards most of them have a limit on how many troops they can have and to what they replenish. So thinking more about 70 man strong.

Visually just give a good looking red cape. Now that stands out from the crowd!

Would makes more sense that Durin would have the most elite bg.
Just my opinion and i did want to hear your take on it :)

I know basics for characters, traits, retinues, portrait etc but never dwelt too deep on the actual units.
Im all good ty for the offer but i think i will let you handle the modding mate! ;)

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Ngugi Author

121, my bad, but none the less ^^
Yup, that's why I phrased it " a high number" [compaired to generic bodyguard] instead of any fixed number.

Naw, we don't want to add anything red, it would be a mismatch with the blue elements, and our Dwarves don't have mantles; no unit, nor generals, in the entire faction have it, except for the two 'outsiders' from Ered Luin.

He has - there is no better BG ;)
To be frank, a single points difference in attack is not significant; over time the Chosen have nothing on the bodyguards.
Though, I figure what you strictly speaking desire is for Durin to have a *better* bodyguard than anyone else in his faction, which is a slightly different matter than 1 point here or there.
The urge for that is not shared, as its Durin who is what makes him different, not whomever are his wardens. Durin would not been concerned; he is the only mortal in the game who starts with 8 HP.

It's no harder than to change a single unit name in a file.

But fear not, we have made new friends who will add all above through a neat new system! It will allow you to save time:


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are we able to colonize erebor or the iron hills like occupy those regions and build up a fortress

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Ngugi Author

Iron Hills start in the hands of the Kingdom of Khazad-dûm, and Erebor next by is avilable to capture/resettle.
Iron Hills start at the practical size of a Castle ["Stone Castle"] and through the Cavern-system we apply it can be 'upgraded' into a Fortress, without losing its custom battle map.
Erebor start at the practical size of a Town and through the Cavern-system into a Large City in time, without losing its custom battle map.

The Cavern-system, to elaborate, simulates upgrades.
Technically for example Iron Hills start as a Fortress, but can only construct buildings as if it was a Castle. In time the caverns "expand" and the settlement can "upgrade", even if the battle map remains the same at each step.
The "expansion" is unrelated to population, but occurs in time independently; the reasoning is that the 'mining and excavations' goes on and do not depend on population broadening across land.

It was developed for the sake of Erebor, actually.
From lore I could not justify it starting larger than a town. But if we started it as a Town with its custom battle map, that map would be replaced by a generic battle map when we upgraded in a normal manner.
And unless a custom battle map, it would be a surface settlement, making the very idea of calling it Erebor quite unappealing.
Withwnar, our scripter, then developed the Cavern-system so that we could retain the custom battle map and instead simulate the growth. He's a true master of scripting ;)

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