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I talk about our progress and elaborate on the game's story and themes.

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Hey everyone! Thank you for all the support!

First, let's recap how everything is going to so far... in only 72 hours we've reached almost 20% of our goal! On Greenlight, we're already 12% of our way to the top 100. Things are definitely moving along!

Some people have been asking me to elaborate about the game's story, so that's just what I'll do with this first update!

As most of you know, the game is based on my own father's life and death. My father's life wasn't exactly fair to him. His parents died when he was only 10 years old, leaving his older sisters to raise him and his brother. He was picked on in school, so he started smoking to fit in. Barely an adult, he went off to fight in the Vietnam War, which he had nightmares about until the day he died.

In Ethereal, the seven worlds all reflect those real life memories. The cemetery is based around the death of his parents. The Catholic School is based around him trying to fit in. Throughout each world, mementos are hidden or hard to reach. Each memento is something that helped him cope. Some may be bittersweet, but as a spirit looking back on things... it helps him to remember the good times and learn to let go of the past.

At the start of the game, the spirit is floating above his own corpse in a cabin filled with his earthly possessions. You may have noticed the fire and birds aren't moving in that scene... that is because none of it really exists. He did not die in a cabin. He died in a hospital. The cabin is his life and he's watching as its about to burn down in front of his eyes. Not only does the spirit need to be at peace with his past, but he needs to be willing to leave the life he loved behind. Otherwise, he may be doomed to wander for eternity like many of the spirits you encounter.

In our next big update, we'll go in depth about three of the game's worlds, showing never-before-seen concept art and giving you detailed story summaries for each!

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